Sergei Ivanovich Sidorenko - Vice-rector on international relations, Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Professor, Corresponding Member of NAS of Ukraine, Head of the Department of Physics of Metals.

S.I. Sidorenko (was born in 1947) - Doctor of Science (1987), Professor (1991), Head of the Physics of Metals (1991). Honored Worker of Science of Ukraine (1998). He graduated from the Moscow Institute of Steel and Alloys (1971). In 1987 he defended his doctoral thesis.

Research interests - laying the foundations of advanced technologies on the basis of theoretical and experimental studies of diffusion processes, phase formation and other physical phenomena in thin metal films of high-temperature superconductors, silicide, multi-component and multi-layer structures. In 1975-1990 he organized a series of experimental research laboratories in the Departments of Physics and Solid State Physics, General and Experimental Physics, Physics of Metals, Laboratory of Physics of Thin Films (in collaboration with prof. M.V.Bilous)

Under his leadership, 6 theses were defended, including one doctor’s.

He authored over 200 scientific papers. Highlights include: "Some aspects of the physical and material science studies of thin films" (1976), "On the mechanism of interaction of vacancies with impurity quenching in vacuum condensates of copper and its alloys" (1978), "X-ray research of multilayer structures by modeling the concentration profile '(1984), "Analysis of second level Fick solutions for finite systems" (1986), "Multistage model of diffusion processes in thin films" (1986), "The role of impurities in the formation of thin film silicides of refractory metals" (1990), "Material high temperature superconductors "(1995, co-author.).