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Department of Industrial Biotechnology (PBT), FBT

Speciality of «Biotechnology and bioengineering», specialization the «Industrial biotechnology».

The educational processes is conducted on the budget and contract base on three qualification levels – the bachelor, the specialist and the master. Preparation of candidates and doctors of science is carried out as well.

FBT Student is a Ukrainian Presidential scholarship holder

Марина Молочко

The sixth-year student of the Department of Industrial Biotechnology at the Biotechnology and Bioengineering Faculty, Marina Molochko, became the scholarship holder of the President of Ukraine for his dedication to teaching and active scientific and public activities.

The student of KPI won tender of innovative projects

Марина Коршевнюк

On September 29 in Kiev took place the regional stage of international contest of the innovative Falling Walls Kyiv 2016. The project was based in honor of the 20 anniversary of fall of the Berlin wall and is supported by the German government.


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