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Marinoshenko Olexander P.: Design safer - fly safer

Фото. Мариношенко Олександр Петрович

People quickly get used to the benefits of civilization. Transatlantic flight and supersonic speeds today are nothing new. A studying, improving and creation of new aircraft designs, in particular, is carried out on the FASS. Associate Professor Olexander P. Marinoshenko is a specialist in automatic control systems aircraft, aero hydro gas dynamics, flight dynamics, design and development of unmanned aerial vehicles. His successful teaching and research activities in the university victories were marked by the wins of the contests "Young teacher-researcher - 2006" and "Young teacher-researcher - 2013".

Olexander Petrovich - the graduate of Kyiv Polytechnic. In 2002 he graduated the Faculty of aviation and space systems NTUU "KPI" with the specialty "Aircraft Control Systems and complexes"; in the 2002-2012 worked at the Department of instrumentation and control systems aircraft FASS. In 2010 he defended his candidate’s thesis. Since 2013 he works at the Department of Theoretical Mechanics as an associate professor.

O.P.Marinoshenko now teaches the following lecture courses: " Aero hydro gas dynamics and theory of flight of aircraft", "Flight Dynamics", "Dynamics of mechanical structures". He conducts laboratory and practical classes, scientific work with students. He is the member SEC on Master diploma . Marinoshenko actively participates in scientific seminars of the department. He prepared educational programs in the disciplines «Aero hydro gas dynamics and theory of flight of aircraft", "Flight Dynamics", "Dynamics of mechanical structures." His scientific activity - flight dynamics of aircraft, aero hydro gas dynamics. He participated in the design and development of unmanned aerial vehicles NTUU "KPI".

Now O.P. Marinoshenko participates in the international educational project TEMPUS "The new model of the third cycle in engineering education according to the Bologna process in Belarus, Russia and Ukraine."

The project is implemented within the framework of the Inter-Regional Program of the European Neighborhood and Partnership for 2013-2015 together with Vilnius State Technical University (Lithuania).

Young scientist took part in more than forty scientific and practical conferences and seminars. They are: the international scientific symposia "Geoinformation monitoring of environment: GPS and GIS-technologies", international scientific and technical conferences "Gyro technology, navigation , traffic management and the construction of aerospace engineering ", Actual Problems of Unmanned Air Vehicles Developments Proceedings (APUAVD); "Prospects for development of weapons and equipment Military Ground Forces", "Geoforum, 2012-2014."

The results of his scientific work are introduced in research on the topics "Development of methods and techniques for designing optimal unmanned aviation complex problems for industrial and environmental monitoring", "Development of a system to prevent emergency situations and their consequences for small manned and unmanned aircraft," "Development of methods for the design and testing of miniature intelligent control systems for unmanned aerial vehicles "," Development of intelligent control system unmanned aerial vehicle. "The results of research have been implemented in the educational process of the Department of instruments and control systems aircraft NTUU "KPI" in the form of methodological instructions to perform a series of laboratory work.

O.P. Marinoshenko has 70 scientific and methodical works: 60 scientific papers, three patents, 7 guidelines. The scientific results are published in scientific and technical journals, "Information systems, mechanics and management", "Technological Systems", "Mechanics of gyroscopic systems", "scientific conduct" KPI "," Proceedings of the Institute of Mathematics of NAS of Ukraine. "

The researcher is full of creative energy and new ideas to involve students and give them the experience.

Inf. Department of Theoretical Mechanics


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