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KPI has its own plane

2012.08.30 Біля ДПМ НТУУ «КПІ» встановлено літак Як-40

On August 30 the airplane Yak-40 appeared at the site of Aviation and Space at the State Polytechnic Museum NTUU "KPI". He spent many hours in the air, transported thousands of passengers, and will now take place of pride among the other monuments of technical ideas that are installed on a college campus.

The plane was given to Kiev Polytechnic by National Aviation University. Its rector M.S.Kulik immediately responded to the request of the rector NTUU "KPI" M.Z.Zgurovsky. It took some time clearance of the relevant documents. Although NAU is close to the KPI, transport aircraft was difficult enough from the engineering and organizational point of view. This operation lasted for almost a day. With overall length 20 m, wingspan of 25 m, height 6.5 m, its transportation was quite difficult. The experts NAU cut off the wings and tail of the aircraft fuselage, loaded it into three trailers, and on the night of 29 April 30, it was taken to NTUU "KPI". To do this, from four to five o'clock in the morning thetraffic of cars at Povitroflotska highway was blocked. Then the plane was mounted on a platform at the Department of Aviation and Astronautics.

Yak-40 is the world's first jet aircraft for local airlines (of up to 1500 km). Its serial production began in the 60s of the twentieth century. The aircraft can accommodate 27 to 32 passengers. It can take off and land on unpaved airfields. Modification of the Yak-40 are used until now by airlines in a number of countries, including Ukraine.

I should add that jet engines AI-25, which is equipped with a Yak-40, were developed in Zaporozhye Design Bureau "Progress" of Academician A.G.Ivchenko, produced by JSC "Motor Sich". The engines were designed on the scheme of turbojet engine, first-ever proposed by graduate KPI, outstanding designer Arkhip Liulka.

It should be note that "our" aircraft is equipped with all appropriate devices and systems in a fully operational state, so it is planned that it will become the learning laboratory for students of aviation and space systems faculty.

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