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Environmental Information Technology

2014.11.4-7 міжнародна виставка "Екологія підприємства"

November 4-7, 2014, the second specialized international exhibition "Ecology of Enterprise" was held at the International Exhibition Centre. More than 300 companies and organizations involved in the creation and implementation of modern technology to control the environment were presented here.

The joint exposition of LLC "Avtoekoprylad" and the department of scientific, analytical and ecological devices and systems NTUU "KPI" attracted the attention of many visitors.

LLC "Avtoekoprylad" which is part of the Science Park "Kyiv Polytechnic", is a leader in development of mobile laboratories for environmental monitoring, patient monitoring systems, industrial and energy facilities, new gas analytical tools and methods of inventory control stationary sources of emissions in the workplace.

  The Department presented a draft of information and communication technology infrastructure for control and accounting of emissions of pollutants and greenhouse gases based on service-oriented peer networks and other information and environmental products, including applications processing large volumes of environmental information and improved methods of calculation spread of pollutants.

Visitors interested in the Department’s developments of energy-saving technologies, including solar panels to power the environmental devices in the field conditions. There were at the exposition multi functions environmental sensors performed together with the Institute of Semiconductor Physics of V. Lashkaryov NAS of Ukraine (Professor V.P.Maslov).


Graduate and undergraduates students of the department, who have working experience in this area, were involved in the preparation of the joint exhibition. Department’s master Valentina Ursulova (pictured) worked directly on the stand


The exhibition became a kind of reportto the 25th anniversary of the department, created in 1989.  Materials, presented at the stand, informed visitors about scientific achievements of the department, the career of our graduates, some of whom are doctors (Gennady Poryev, graduate of 2003) and well-known professors of foreign universities (Alexander Orlov, a graduate in 1996). Today many graduates and post-graduates of recent years continue to study for a degree in universities in Poland, France and Germany.

The Department and its head Professor V.A.Poryev awarded diplomas and certificates on the result of the exhibition.

The exhibition gave participants the opportunity to show advances in technology of control environment that will help to commercialize the innovation developments of the University.

V.Ivasenko, D.Korniyenko, graduates


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