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Opening of Ukrainian Peace Council office

2014.11.19 Відкриття офісу Української Ради Миру

November 19, the first President of independent Ukraine Leonid Kravchuk has opened Ukrainian Peace Council office in the Scientific and Technical Library of NTUU “KPI”.

Peace Council is an important part in shaping the course of the state's foreign peacekeeping politics, raising prestige of Ukraine in the international arena. Now its work became especially important for our state. Leonid Kravchuk heads the Ukrainian Peace Council since 1997.

His visit to NTUU "KPI" Leonid Kravchuk began by laying flowers at the monument to the heroes of the Heavenly Hundred, which is located near interfaith Temple of Saint Nicholas – saint patron of the university. After that, he visited an exhibition of photographs "Maidans 2004-2014 and KPI" deployed in the foyer of the Scientific and Technical Library, the Foucault pendulum, the work of which was told him by the university Rector, academician of NAS of Ukraine Michael Zgurovsky, and a number of portraits of Art Gallery "Ukrainian in the world."

The culmination of the visit was the cutting of red tape in front of the new office.

After the ceremony, Michael Zgurovsky noted that not only the office on the first floor of the library but the halls and classrooms of the University, if necessary, will be provided for the conduct of activities of Ukrainian Peace Council in the framework of its projects and programs.


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