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Civil defense: a training

2014.10.16 проведено тренування

According to the plan of training of civil defense of the University a special training was held at October, 16. The training involved testing of the warning system - how it works at the level of the university, faculty, department, job services that bear the clock duty- as well as a conducting educational training of students living in dormitories.

Chief of Staff of the Civil Defense Yuri Nesterenko, who reported on the outcome of the training, particularly stressed the relevance of the current event. "We must be ready for any action in circumstances where a part of our state is occupied and there is the fighting in the east. Previously, such training had a more formal nature, but now the events that occur, require us to truly responsible attitude to civil defense actions. " Yuri said that the duty services in training worked fine, and thanked the leadership of the campus and dormitories number 4, which contributed to the orderly conduct of training.

It was noted a number of observations: workers duty services when receiving signals and transmitting them to other instances must add the words "educational purposes" (eg, "fire training purposes"); following the alert management staff of the University got the response only from 9 sub-units, which is a serious drawback.

Vladimir Shkolniy


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