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"Sikorsky Challenge 2014", the third day

2014.10.16 «Sikorsky Challenge 2014»: день третій

Events of the third day of the festival «Sikorsky Challenge 2014" were held at the Center for Culture and Arts  NTUU"KPI", at the exhibition hall of the Science Park "Kyiv Polytechnic",at the  hall of the Academic Council of the University and the university campus.


It was an open day for the contest «Intel-Techno Ukraine 2014-2015". That is a day during which everyone  could get the knowledge  of  the participants' works. Therefore, in the morning students of all ages with the teachers began to converge at the university. Due to organizers the visitors  could not only see the projects, but also to be ensured  that the natural sciences - it's very interesting.To do this, on the first floor of the MSC it was deployed several pilot sites where students  of Physics and Technology Institute, Faculty of Chemical Technology and the Faculty of Aviation and Space Systems KPI showed students different experiences.   Representatives of the Minor Academy of Sciences and sponsors - Charity Fund of Ukraine "Open Hearts", Kingston Technology Company, and others  also were working with children. These zones of entertaining science even wore appropriate names - "" Magical Laboratory "," Tower of Transformations "and others. But for the youngest visitors it was  organized workshops on modeling, decoupage and other interesting activities. By the way, some of the guests of the festival  not the first time attend the university: in the morning active attention to everything that was happening around him, showed the students of the school - kindergarten "Kyianochka", which for almost 14 years  under   "Museum pedagogy" program is  cooperating with State Polytechnic Museum of NTUU "KPI". It is worth noting that in the auditorium of the Center of Culture and Arts at this time were showed non-stop  films  of Igor Sikorsky, the name given to the festival, Konstantin Kalinin and other prominent designers of Ukraine from the museum funds.

   For the participants of the contest «Sikorsky Challenge 2014" day began with "Breakfast with investors." Director of Intellectual Property Science Park "Kyiv Polytechnic" member of the Organizing Committee of the Festival Yaroslav Kologrivov explained: "It's quite common in the business environment, a form of communication, i.e. discussion over breakfast or lunch cooperation. Discussions are carried out in a relaxed enough atmosphere  when no one is nervous, not agitated. With aim to create such conditions we decided to hold a breakfast. We have already identified potential recipients of investment. Ten projects just get them, even the nine investors are determined. "Therefore, in the hall of the exhibition center tables were set with coffee and tea, from which investors and the  project teams representatives went to the working tables.

According the results of the International Jury work and the last communication, before summarizing, the memorandums of cooperation between investors, development teams and business incubator or Science Park "Kyiv Polytechnic" were signed. But before  embark on this solemn act, Rector of NTUU "KPI" Michael Zgurovsky presented finalist diplomas to all the teams who took part in the presentation of their projects. "We have very good results: The international jury has already provided information that from twenty-two projects fourteen are invited by investors to further cooperation, - he said. - It is more than fifty percent of the finalists. "

The second half of the festival day was opened by the lecture a member of the International Jury of the contest «Sikorsky Challenge 2014" the former deputy director of the Ukrainian Scientific - Technological Center Vic Korsun (USA) "Innovations in Ukraine for research and educational leadership of the country," which he read in the courtroom of the Academic Council for festival participants and students of the KPI.

Finally, for  the prospective students Startup School «Sikorsky Challenge» and possible future participants of the contest organizers held a presentation of the school. In the exhibition hall of the Science Park in front of the students the speaches were made by the university Rector Michael Zgurovsky, Chairman of the International Jury of the contest «Sikorsky Challenge 2014" and at the same time one of the organizers of Startup School Igor Peer and several of its graduates who have both finalists, a few hours ago signed their first agreement cooperation with investors.

And then there was smartmob at the monument to former student KPI, an outstanding innovator Igor Sikorsky, which was named by aircraft manufacturers throughout the world as "Mr. helicopter." Under the general applause in the sky above the KPI as symbols of wish fulfillment the drone , developed at the University took off , and  then  a bright inflatable toy - model helicopter took off also! And, all participants smartmob became the founders of a new tradition, it is said Igor Peer, in a few years will be probably a must for all those who will be attending the KPI: rubbed their hat on the monument to the great aircraft - to get into the spirit of innovation and happiness and good luck ...


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