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Vic Korsun: eight years of cooperation with KPI

2014.06.02 Вручення Подяки Вченої ради В. Корсуну (у центрі)

Deputy Executive Director of the Ukrainian Scientific-Technological Center Victor Korsun for five days had double-speak from the rostrum of the hall of the Academic Council of the KPI. May 28 for the participants of the seminar "Innovations in Ukraine: Lessons and recommendations for scientific and educational leadership in Ukraine," he read a detailed lecture on a wide range of issues related to the development of Ukrainian science and economics, and June 2 - appealed to the Kyiv Polytechnic saying farewell as his tenure ended in Ukraine.

Viktor Yanukovych, or, as it used to call not only colleagues and friends, but all with whom he had met in Ukraine, Vic Korsun, worked in the country since June 2006. That's when he was appointed Deputy Executive Director of Ukrainian Science and Technology Center in Ukraine (STCU), where he was responsible for affiliate programs, technology transfer and commercialization, that is, the key issues of the organization.

It is worth recalling that the STCU - an intergovernmental non-profit organization whose participating parties are Canada, United States, European Union, Ukraine, Moldova, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan and Georgia, and which since 1994 provides support for research projects in the field of basic and applied Sciences and cooperates with universities and organizations of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine. STCU Secretariat is located in the NTUU"KPI", so our university for eight years has been to Vic Korsun place of his daily work. And given the fact that the CPI is the leading scientific institutions in the country - and the place where, thanks to the help of the STCU and actively promote its deputy executive director, the programs were started to train scientists in the field of technology transfer, and are still running large-scale projects "Innovative technologies for remediation of contaminated water" and "Technology Transfer in the CIS countries (Azerbaijan, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Uzbekistan)."

Probably all also know that Vic Korsun did a lot for the formation of scientific innovation festival "Sikorsky Challenge".

Note that a great experience and a good education: Bachelor and Master degrees in electronics engineering from the University of Pennsylvania (USA) helped him to cooperate with Ukrainian specialists in many industries. Later he received a master's degree also in administration Drekselskomu University, and worked as an electrical engineer at Princeton University, and from 2003 until 2006, was the coordinator of the Partnership Program research centers of the State Department of the United States.

First Vice-Rector NTUU"KPI" Yuri Yakimenko, who moderated the session, to the applause of those presented gave Vic Korsun Gratitude of University Academic Council.

"It is no exaggeration to say that, thanks to the multifaceted activities of Vic Korsun our university has a significant progress in the field of innovation management, he takes practical steps to widespread adoption of the ideology of the" triangle of knowledge: science - education - Industry ", the commercialization of research and the like, - he said in his welcoming speech. - I would particularly like to note that Vic Korsun - a great friend and patriot of Ukraine and the CPI, has done much to support the development of the democratic foundations of the activity and development of our university. "

In reply, Vic Korsun said that working in his homeland, he learned a lot, and the last eight years in Ukraine were for him an extremely interesting. He also talked about how important for the development of Ukrainian science and its impact on economic development of the state are the commercialization of research and technology transfer, innovation development, access to world markets and the introduction of modern methods of presentation of the world of their own achievements. In this context, he noted that the first step in this direction should be mastery of Ukrainian scholars of English, which is the most important communicative tool for researchers around the world. On the example of the United States, where two-thirds of new jobs are created by small companies, start-ups, which, by definition, based on innovation, he showed how effective the innovation economy and stressed how important it is for modern Ukraine transition to this type of management.

The meeting welcomed Vic Korsun warm applause.

Dmitro Stefanovic


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