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The program of MES in Germany. The impression of postgraduate intern

Фото. Манжола Марина проводить тестові випробування

To enhance the skills and motivation, there are many additional educational programs training programs and exchange program. One is initiated by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine program teaching students and training of graduate students, researchers and teaching staff at leading universities and research institutions abroad.

Documents for participation in this program, I filed in March 2013, when I was a 1st year graduate student at the department of designing tools and machines MMI (supervisor - prof. Yu. M. Kuznyetsov). As for the competition submitting their candidacy graduate students from all over Ukraine, reviewed period of documents package of all willing is a lengthy process. Thus, only half became known that I passed the competitive selection. Unfortunately, during the the further official registration of papers coincided with a difficult period in the life of Ukraine. Therefore, all possible internships were questionable. Only in the spring of 2014 it became known that funding for trainees were received. The second period was a very intensive and fast stage of paperwork.

My internship took place on the funding of the training program MES of Ukraine within the joint Ukrainian-German Faculty (Dean - O. P. Halimon) thanks to the cooperation NTUU "KPI" with Otto-von-Guericke University (Magdeburg, Germany).

However, the period of my stay in Germany had to be cut to one in May, as financing for all were received in the reduced amount. But that did not stop me to get acquainted with this country and its customs, not only to see the inside of a scientific but also social life.

Of course, the first steps started with discovering the University. Immediately I was struck with relaxed atmosphere that prevails in academic buildings, campus cleanliness and rational organization of their lifetime. The large number of students from different countries does not cause any stress. Attracts the attention not only reasonableness of the educational process, but also the structure and arrangement of workplaces, classrooms and auditoriums.

For students, graduate students and teachers there are all conditions for carrying out research work. Laboratories are equipped with ultra-modern facilities. Dean of the University, Professor J. Shtrakelyan pays much attention to communication with students. He also promotes consistent implementation of the innovative ideas. This allows you to create new bases for the further development of current scientific fields, which in turn makes it possible to expand the range of training. Already the part of the University Otto-von-Guericke includes 9 departments, each including many departments.

Personally for me the key challenge was to get the opportunity to conduct research and to gain practical experience with the machines of parallel structure. So all my attention was focused on the Department of Engineering Mechanics engineering faculty. On faculty I have been cooperated with other graduate students from Ukraine, especially with Oksana Ozjoga-Maslovskaya. In addition, I was fortunate to talk with the research staff of the Berlin Technical University - Arne Detlefsom and Paul Lipovka who generously shared their research experience in research tools.

Communicating with foreign colleagues was in English. The vast majority of undergraduate and graduate students write their dissertations the same language. German communicate and write mostly natives of this country.

Research activities in Germany and Magdeburg you can find not only in the technical university, but also in the urban Technical Museum. It is formed at the metallurgical production plant and located on the outskirts of town. The museum has a collection of exhibits that illustrate the evolution of milling, drilling and turning machines from the XVIII century up to these days. The majority of domestic museum characterizes each of the exhibits that you can touch and even more - check for serviceability. The supervisor of the museum tells not only about the exhibits, but also turns on machines to show how they work. It should be noted that some machines that are in these museum exhibits, are still in use in the workplace.

No less exciting was visiting cultural and historical museum. Its exhibits are introduced to the history of the city and its prominent residents. Extremely interesting are stands dedicated to Otto-von-Guericke and his discovery. After their review, it is clear why with the name of this scientist is named a powerful Technical University, Magdeburg, and why they so commonly uses logos of his portrait.

Cannot but impress persistent hard work of local residents. It felts not only in the classroom but also in everyday life. It is based on the principles of maximum comfort and compactness.

Much attention is paid in Magdeburg clean environment. Very effective work program is sorting and recycling all types of debris. Just one example: thanks to the large number of automatic acceptance of metal, glass and plastic containers with an instant delivery of cash for it on the streets will not see any cans out of juice, water or alcoholic beverages. A passion for order creates around lifestyle townspeople and the whole country in general. This we should also learn if we really aspire to become the family of European nations own.

Marina Manzhola, Postgraduate student KVM IME "KPI"
Translator: Вовчик Ілона ЛА-13


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