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Video conference with Grenoble

2014.04.15 Video conference with Grenoble

On April, 15 the videoconference between students and teachers of the Faculty of Physical Engineering of NTUU "KPI" and the graduate student of this university who at the same time is the student of Institute of Physics Rene (France, Grenoble) Mariana Verezhak took place.

Mariana Verezhak is a graduate of that faculty. This year she received the diploma of the winner of the competition of scientific works for the award of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine for young scientists and students of higher educational institutions for the study of "New approaches to the crystallographic characteristics of aperiodic structures based on scattering of synchrotron and neutron radiation" (supervisor Prof. Svetlana Voloshko). This work formed the basis of her thesis. Now she is a postgraduate student and an intern at the European Synchrotron Radiation Facility and the Institute of Lana-Langevan in France (the supervisor of the Ukrainian side - Corresponding Member of NAS of Ukraine, Professor Sergei Sidorenko).

In Grenoble Mariana continues working at the same material, so at the videoconference she delivered a lecture on "Aperiodic materials. Revolution in crystallography”. Because of the fact that there were students not only from that faculty, but also students from different courses, she began with the history of this area of Crystallography (rather short because it only started to develop and is now considered as a very promising one), and then gave details of the relevant studies, including her own.

After the lecture she answered the questions about the practical use of the results of her research, experiments’ methodology and computer programs that she used, and also about the possibilities of the implementation of some of the issues of a new discipline in training courses for students of the faculty.

The lecture has been performed using videoconference of Ukrainian Institute for Information Technologies in Education NTUU "KPI".


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