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Vira Mikhailivna Bondar. Physicist and lyricist

Photo.  Vira Mikhailivna Bondar

Physicist and lyricist. This statement perfectly describes lecturer in nuclear power engineering and thermal physics Vira Mikhailivna Bondar. Vira Mikhailivna is a Candidate of Physics and Mathematics Science, she teaches "Theory of Nuclear Reactors" and "Atomic and Quantum Physics." Based on the experience of her teachers and colleagues, as well as a research and teaching experience in the territory of Ukraine and abroad, she stubbornly tries to interest students creativity and make them love science, encouraging to free thoughts and creative thinking.

V.M.Bondar is a multiple winner of international grants research organizations actively involved in international projects, schools and training in the fields of nuclear physics, energy and methodology of teaching in higher education.

In particular, she was a member of the appropriate measures in Germany (Centre for the Study of heavy ions Helmholtz), Czech Republic (National University., Charles, Prague), Russia (International Research Center for Nuclear Research, Dubna), Austria (by the national agency ¬ Atomic Energy - IAEA of Vi ¬ day), Italy (International Centre for Theoretical Physics, Tri ¬ ETS), Spain (company Tecnatom), Switzerland (Scientific Research Institute. Fields Scherer), the Netherlands (Research Center of the European Commission the city of Peten) and others.

Having gained recognition in the international scientific community and using the power of the leading research centers in the world she is actively applying lessons learned in teaching and for organizing international events in Ukraine.

Vira Mikhailivna has been studying foreign languages in her spear time. She speaks fluent English, Italian and German. She passed out and received certificates of Italian Dante Alighieri Institutes, German Goethe Institutes and International language school BWS in Munich.

Love for science and teaching Vira Mikhailivna successfully combines with music, from time to time playing the violin and delighting her colleagues- scientists. She is a laureate of national and international music competitions. The strings of her violin sounded at the National Philharmonic of Ukraine, in the Conservatory, in the Concert Hall "Ukraine", in the Ivan Franco Theatre, in the House of Teachers and other concert halls in Ukraine, but also in Spain, Italy, Latvia, Estonia, Germany. In addition, she is an active participant of the artistic events, rock festivals, presentations of Ukrainian writers and cultural figures in radio and television ("For cymbals", "Folk Music", "window for spring", "Shuster-Live"). She gives concerts as part of the group "Ourselves their", "Garden", "Roksolaniya" and a duet with Enver Izmailov, who is recognized as one of the best guitarists in the world. So physics - truly lyrics! We are proud of our women and congratulate all of the fair half "KPI" with blooming spring holiday!


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