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Radiance inquisitive mind, or Eighth Summer School AACIMP-2013

2013.08.01-17 Eighth Summer School AACIMP-2013

Three Stream - " Operations Research ", " Neuroscience " and " Applied Computer Science ", 74 participants , 28 teachers and nearly 40 organizers and volunteers - all International Summer School AACIMP- 2013 in the best universities of Ukraine . It should be stressed that this year it was attended by 32 countries.

As the teacher gauntlet "Neuroscience" Prof. Sergey Yakovenko (West Virginia University, USA), "two weeks plus two days of learning and communication in a non-stop on the Summer School will be the highest level step in the personal development of each participant and their academic career.

This year, the Stream "Neuroscience» (Neuroscience-NS) taught by experts from France, Russia, USA, Estonia and Ukraine. Traditionally, NS participants worked on practical lessons - learned to work with NEST program and "played" with the motion simulator (task was understood laws of motion of the simulated man, make him go on as long as the distance, the winners received a fun prize from the teacher - as a pink toy dinosaur ). Elijah Kuzovkin (University of Tartu, Estonia) introduced everyone to a device for reading electromagnetic pulses Brain - For this purpose the head volunteer wore a small device like a headset operator from the movie "The Matrix" and readable signals were displayed on a computer screen .

Gennady Tsymbaliuk (Georgia State University, USA), another teacher gauntlet "Neuroscience", noted that it is not the main task was to assist participants in selecting the proper scientific way, to share not only knowledge but also the experience of working abroad, cooperation with Western schools of thought, the scientific world in general.

Teachers gauntlet " Operations Research » (Operational Research) from Russia, Germany, Turkey , Australia, Spain, the USA , Austria and Ukraine teach participants methods for finding optimal solutions in various fields of human activities in the real world using mathematical, statistical modeling and heuristic approaches. Professor Eric Kropat (University of the Bundeswehr , Munich, Germany) is cited as an example of the functioning of the underground : for example, using a method developed by experts in operations research , you can calculate and predict how the city's population will grow to optimally plan the construction of this new state ¬ subway , their number.

Estonia, Russia, Ukraine and Germany - of these countries made their way to school teachers gauntlet "Applied Computer Science » (Applied Computer Science). By Dmitry Dziuba (Institute of Mathematical Machines and Systems, Uk ¬ Raina ) was launched two robots that can independently manage their own movements - heksapod and heksakopter . Heksakopter flying so longed to communicate that throughout the flight showed the friendly intentions to the photographer CPI and everything to get it . However, the most interesting thing was that the participants made small versions of the robots and program them to learn simple movements.

Neuroscience and Applied Computer Science - at least those involved in the creation of artificial intelligence - in fact directed parallel course : the first studies the properties of the living brain , and the other tries to invent a substitute - inanimate and therefore immortal version.

On vacation to remember everything - every night for participants and teachers waited a bit interesting - Tours city center, foto-tours , workshops on painting, making toys from felt, fair crops partaking national dishes and Ukrainian folk songs, presentations of Parties night of Museums , boat Dnieper trip to Pereiaslav Cities , B., evening board games, football championship , Film Society .

In a speech to the graduates of Stanford in 2005 the founder and CEO of Apple Inc. Steve Jobs called : «Stay hungry. Stay foolish! »-« Stay hungry stay reckless ! " So learn , seek new, do not be afraid to experiment. Feedback from participants and teachers, summer school gave it a charge on the job training, moving forward.

We invite everyone to participate in the Ninth Summer School to be held in NTU "KPI" in August 2014 !


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