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The ESC “Clean Water” Opening

2013.06.27 Відкриття ННЦ «Чиста вода»

On June 27 an Educational Scientific Center "Clean Water" was inaugurated in the National Technical University of Ukraine "Kyiv Polytechnic Institute". It is established by the NTUU "KPI" and the research-and-production enterprise "Nature Technologies". The purpose of the ESC "Clean Water" – to promote the solution of the problem of clean drinkable water supply to Ukrainian residents. The decision is urgent for our country: well known is the fact, that due to bad ecological condition of surface water and water supply sources and because of archaic water treatment technologies at the same time, more than 50% of our population consume water, completely unfit for usage.

"An access to clean drinkable water is the problem that becomes more urgent in this century and eventually it will be more acute. Its solution depends primarily on the technology advancement and skilled professionals able to work with it, said the Rector of the NTUU "KPI", a member of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine Mikhail Zgurovsky at the opening ceremony. – Thus, the Center is established to prepare such experts and work out the best technology".

The center will be one of the major research laboratories, where new technologies will be developed, and existing water purification methods will be investigated. Naturally, the equipment will be also used for laboratory work with students of corresponding specialties of several NTUU "KPI" departments, for the industry experts to introduce them new developments in this area and, where necessary, to improve their professional skills. Moreover, the "Clean water" center, will be an experimental room for all educational-and-research groups (they are more than twenty) working in the university on various aspects of water treatment problems.

Thus the most suitable for usage at utility enterprises in Ukraine, drinkable water cleaning and disinfection methods can be spread out from the ESC "Clean Water". And to achieve the best work performance, an up-to-date center equipment of leading world water-treatment companies was provided and installed, and its supply and installation was provided by the research-and-production enterprise "Nature Technologies" (university did not spent anything for it). At the opening ceremony the company’s Vice President Gennady Chornovolov stressed, that the science and business combination in the NTU "KPI" can and should provide productive and positive results.

" Nature Technologies" has entered a Ukrainian market with the offer of providing people with the water of high quality, different from the offers popular today - it stands up for the necessity of its centralized cleaning and supply, noticed the Director of the Centre, the Head of Environment and Plant Polymers Technology Department, Chemical Engineering Faculty in the NTUU "KPI" Mykola Gomel. - As the main problem in Ukraine is not the amount of water but its quality, plants that work according to the proposed by the "Nature Technologies” methods help to solve a water supply issue regardless the water sources quality and degree of their salinity and pollution" .

It should be noted that the "Nature Technologies’' already has a successful experience in implementing of similar projects: f.e. in Alchevsk operates its mine water utilization plant "Aquaservice", and the methods were developed and proved by the specialists of the company in collaboration with the "Kyiv Polytechnic" Science Park. Drinkable water produced by the plant, corresponds not only with the norms of Ukrainian State standards, but also the requirements of the World Health Organization.

The representatives of the UNIDO National Center for more eco-friendly production, RPE "Nature Technologies" employers, university deans and professors of departments, whose students are to be trained to work with the equipment, and certainly, the students themselves were present at the ESC "Clean Water" opening celebration.

It is worth to mention, that not only equipment as such, but its performance was demonstrated, and afterwards all visitors could enjoy the newly cleaned and disinfected water and tea made of it. Due to the common rating the quality was perfect!

Translated by Maria Kokoruz, LE-02


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