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Global dimensions of scientific publications

Світові виміри наукових публікацій

In modern globalized world through the use of advanced telecommunications and information technologies are important problems timely exchange of information on scientific achievements regardless of their locations. These problems are not only technical, but also organizational, verbal, financial and other aspects. The need to solve them is obvious, because it depends on the success of social development in many areas, including during preparation and appraisal of scientific personnel.

New requirements for publication of the results of theses

The guidelines recently published by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports of Ukraine from 17.10.2012, № 1112 and amendments thereto. These documents set doctorate applicants need to have at least 20 scientific publications in professional journals Ukraine and other countries, of which at least four publications in scientific journals of other countries in the direction from which the thesis prepared. These publications can be equated publications in journals Ukraine, which included international scientometric databases. At least one of the articles in these journals applicants must have a Ph.D. degree. Although the term coming into force of these requirements moved from January 1 to September 1, 2013, the implementation of these new requirements directs research to improve the scientific level of their publications. Analysis of the current state publications graduate of the University shows that almost a third of them have been published in foreign journals.

Mention that another order, the Ministry of 17.10.2012 № 1111 approved the procedure for preparing a list of academic editions Ukraine. New requirements for these publications include, in particular, the presence in the editorial board of special journals for at least six doctors from the relevant fields. Editorial Board should carry out internal and external peer review articles. It is desirable to have as part of the editorial boards of international scientists with significant citation index of their works. Academic Council of the institution is to provide recommendations to the printing and distribution of publications on the Internet. An electronic copy of the special journals to place at the National Library of Ukraine named after VI Vernadsky National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine. The web page of the publication must be included articles in English. Issue professional publications should be made in the presence of the founder (founders) postgraduate (doctoral) and academic councils. Scientific publications included in the list of academic editions Ukraine for 5 years with the right to update the list for the next period in accordance with established procedures.

Even before the new requirements, such as during years 2010-2012, under the direction of the editorial board of scientific publications SRD "KPI" were performed work to enhance our scientific journals and anthologies. As a result, now have their own websites 21 edition of 23, 18 editions on sites exposed to full-text materials in the format of pdf; sites 14 publications registered in the global search engine Google Scholar; 16 publications convey abstract materials Ukrainian abstract journal "Source". Currently, 14 publications submitted to the university library materials their electronic full-text format. Pdf; 18 English-language editions have created a web page, 19 editions published essays in English. The results of the editorial boards of scientific publications contributed to improving our position in the world ranking of universities Webometrics, in recent years, where we ranked first among the universities in Ukraine. But new realities require adequacy of our actions.

New requirements for academic editions, according to the Academic Council of the University on 3 December 2012 shall be taken into account our editorial board of scientific journals and anthologies in 2013 for re-registration in the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine. This edition should get the right papers published in Ukrainian, Russian and / or English. Also professional scientific publications of the University in the prescribed manner should receive international number ISSN. Used measures under professional scientific publications relating to modern requirements of every publication without exception. Order of the university set specific time measures that are the basis for the continued publication of university scientific professional journals and anthologies in the future.

International scientometric database

objective scientometric databases, in particular, research activities and publikatsiynoyi citation of authors of scientific papers. Some database covering almost all branches of knowledge and magazines published in all regions of the world. The most versatile among them is Web of Science Corporation Thomson Reuters and Scopus publisher Elsevier. Information from these databases is a business information resources, access to which is free of charge. Assessment citation also provides search engine Google Scholar, which modifies the content of websites of institutions and individual authors or publishers and have open access. Also free scientometric indicators can be defined each researcher using the "Publish or Perish". Access to this program by using interactive communication with author information base at pop_win.htm . Known as a number of other scientometric databases and search engines that track citation, but is profiled focused on separate areas of knowledge and / or related to specific countries or regions.

abroad about science in Ukraine reflects universal databases Web of Science and Scopus. We know that abstracts database and scientometric platform Scopus covers over 19,000 titles scientific resources of 5,000 international publishers, 600 industry publications, 350 book series, 3.6 million records of conference proceedings, 38 million records abstracts of scientific articles, of which 19 million records contain references to the sources cited in 1996 and 19 million - with the depth of the archives until 1869. Scopus database has 27 basic thematic sections, of which 41% are physical sciences, energy, computer science, mathematics, materials science, earth science and planets, chemistry and chemical technology industry. Subject Scopus database of more than Web of Science identical to the subject of research at our university. Thus, we have reason to improve our presence in the global information environment in the parameter associated with Scopus. This parameter in the Webometrics ranking we now occupy a place in the world in 2392, while the parameters related to Google Scholar, our position corresponding to 62 place.

By geographical reach 47% of Scopus indexed database of scientific publications related to Western Europe, 33% - North America, 9% - Asia Pacific, 5% - Eastern publishers. The latest - about 300 Russian journals, 39 - 61 Belarusian and Ukrainian publications, including 41 journal is active ( Table 1 ).

English-language edition magazines Ukraine, referred to in Scopus perevydavtsiv States (Germany, USA, Switzerland).
1 Actual Problems of Economics
2 Biopolymers and Cell
3 Chemistry & Chemical Technology
4 Condensed Matter Physics
5 Cybernetics and Systems Analysis*
6 Eksperimentalnaya Onkologiya
7 Fiziolohichnyi zhurnal
8 Hydrobiological Journal*
9 International Applied Mechanics*
10 International Journal on Algae*
11 Investment Management and Financial Innovations
12 Journal of Automation and Information Sciences*
13 Journal of Mathematical Sciences*
14 Journal of Physical Studies
15 Journal of Superhard Materials*
16 Journal of Water Chemistry and Technology*
17 Klinicheskaia khirurgiia
18 Likarska sprava / Ministerstvo okhorony zdorovia Ukrainy
19 Low Temperature Physics*
20 Materials Science*
21 Metallofizika i Noveishie Tekhnologii
22 Metallurgical and Mining Industry
23 Mikrobiolohichnyi zhurnal (Kiev, Ukraine : 1993)
24 Neurophysiology*
25 Nonlinear Dynamics and Systems Theory
26 Nonlinear Oscillations*
27 Nuclear Physics and Atomic Energy
28 Physical Oceanography*
29 Powder Metallurgy and Metal Ceramics*
30 Problems of Atomic Science and Technology
31 Radioelectronics and Communications Systems
32 Strength of Materials*
33 Symmetry, Integrability and Geometry - Methods and Applications
34 Telecommunications and Radio Engineering*
35 Theoretical and Experimental Chemistry*
36 Tsitologiya i Genetika
37 Ukrainian Journal of Physical Optics
38 Ukrainian Journal of Physics
39 Ukrainian Mathematical Journal*
40 Ukrainskii Biokhimicheskii Zhurnal
41 Vestnik Zoologii

The list of other magazines, which are indexed by Scopus, you can find at, and there are free access to list of magazines, which are indexed by Web of Science at
Our university is represented in the Scopus database by English translation of magazine "Известия высших учебных заведений. Радиоэлектроника". This magazine has been publishing since 1968 called “Radioelectronics and Communications Systems”. We have relation to annual edition of works of of the International Scientific Conference "Microwave Technology and telecommunication technologies” (conference “Crymiko”), which works, only one from Ukraine, are represented in international scientometric database of Scopus, IEEEXplore, INSPEC.
From 2004 to 2011 3191 works from conference “Crymiko” were indexed. Program Committee of the International Conference head: from Russian Federation - Rector of the Moscow Aviation Institute, from the Republic of Belarus - Rector of the Belarusian State University of Informatics and Radioelectronics, from Ukraine – prorector NTUU"KPI" of scientific work.
The table of quantitative data about Ukrainian scientific publications, which are presented in Scopus base, and also the information, that we know about the requirements and procedures for inclusion of new magazines to this database, give us the opportunity to make a prediction, that expansion of participation of our editions is problematic in near future, though we ought to work in this direction. In the same time we should worn on alternative ways to increase the presence of our scientific publications in the world information space.

Universities of Ukraine, presented in Scopus database by conference works "Krymiko" from 2004 to 2011 Amount of works
NTUU “KPI” 274
V.N. Karazin Kharkiv National University 184
Sevastopol National Technical University 154
Kharkiv National University of Radioelectronics 100
The introduction of free access to scientific information
In the last two decades the forms and methods of scientific communication have changed. It was happened because of many factors, as an increased prices for prepayment on scientific editions, esspecially magazines, necessity to accelerate the exchange of results of scientific achievements around the world, introduction of new technology transfer and access to information, based on the use of convergent telecommunications and information technologies and systems.
Momentous event in development of these processes became known as Budapest Open Access Initiative (VD), which defined free access as "access through the public Internet, which enables anyone to read, download, copy, distribute, or search through the links, contact the full text of articles, use them for indexing, or any other lawful purpose, without financial, legal, or technical barriers other than those related to access to the Internet."
In this way, the global free access system allows free communication for scientists, remains copyright and the foundations are created for more active quoting their jobs as they become available to the global audience of users. Important in the realization of VD is the use of free software and open code. The problem of cited work is very important for our university, because by the Girsh index today NTUU "KPI" has the 5th place among the Ukrainian universities.
The policy of free access in Ukraine primarily forms Law of Ukraine "About the Fundamentals of the Information Society in Ukraine in 2007-2015", which reads as follows: "To provide free access to research results, created by the state budget of Ukraine." Olbian Charter, which was signed in 2009 by 26 rectors of higher educational institutions has declared that "academic freedom includes free access to information ... through the development of open electronic archives (university institutional repositories), open electronic magazines of Ukrainian universities and possibility to maintain relations with their colleagues in any part of the world.
There is a practice in the world, according to which two ways of free access exist: the golden way is through open access magazines, and green –is through the archives (repositories) in Open Access. Nowadays there are almost 40 repositories and more than 1650 magazines in Ukraine, represented in the system VD. Unfortunately, our university has neither the first nor the second. Therefore, the measures will be provided by administration to implement concrete actions for solving these problems. Among these measures, one recommendation has a special place, which is recommended to increase publication of scientific articles in English as well as to use of domestic and global identifiers of articles for their registration and navigation in information science and electronic environment.
Most of the more than 10,000 annual publications of the University are little known to the scientific community. The constant rise in domestic prepayments and especially foreign scientific publications and real financial possibilities of university prevent completing the necessary academic library collections on paper. New requirements for publication of dissertstion results encourage us to more active action to bring our university publications to the level formed by regulations today.
Including these realities, as well as the problem of access to paid international scientometric databases and lack of citations of our publications, we need to take a number of organizational measures. In particular, it is necessary to solve the issue of representation of abstract information about all of our scientific publications not only in the domestic media space (e.g in "Джерело"), but also abroad (primarily in the Russian edition of VINITI). It is advisable to have become part of the University in the project "Scientific Periodicals Ukraine." We also have to finish our full-scale introduction to the world of free access and other domestic and international projects of scientific communication. We have to move in two ways. Firstly, we have to present our reviewed magazines, mainly in English, with relevant articles of metadata in accordance with the established requirements in the global system VD. Second way lies through the completion of a university repository and register it in international search engines. The basis of this repository should be substantially added by information materials of our electronic archive of scientific and technical library providing information in a form compatible with the VD, which will make it available world community.
Practical implementation of these measures should help to accelerate the entry of the university in the modern world of scientific communication for the purpose of representation in the system of scientific potential of Kyiv Polytechnic Institute.
M. U. Ilchenko, prorector of scientific work


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