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Department of educational work

Фото. Киричок Петро Олексійович

Vice-rector for scientific and pedagogical (teaching and educational directions): Doctor of Science, Honored Scientist of Ukraine, professor Kyrychok Peter O.
tel.: 236-42-52
e-mail: dnvr[at]

Department of educational work was created by the order of University Rector № 1-30 of 10.03.2005 due to improve academic work at the university and development the qualities of educated, intelligent and intellectual personality in students, creating conditions for creative, ethical, aesthetic and cultural development.

To achieve this goal, both internal units (departments) and units of the university scale are subjected to the Department. Activities of the Department based on the principles of accountability, democracy and objectivity that create favorable conditions for the implementation of the main directions of the educational focus and to strengthen student government in the pursuit of higher education.

Department of educational work in the educational process is the basic structural unit of Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute, which provides realization of the goals of scientific and teaching activities of the University in the following areas:

  • coordination of teaching, research and creative activities of students in order to prepare highly qualified specialists for the various sectors of the economy, science and education;
  • coordination of research and educational activities of various branches with due to matters of ethical, aesthetic, cultural, legal education and valeology;
  • ensure the development of the structure and content of training and effective forms of educational process with purpose of updating the system of university education using modern teaching methods and modern information technologies;
  • ensuring the development of basic university education in relation to the natural, social and human sciences using a systematic approach to the analysis of the educational process and debugging of these connections during implementation of transdisciplinary and interdisciplinary approaches to the process of gaining knowledge;
  • activities with aim to enhance the student government and formation in students patriotic feelings, national identity and dignity, protection of human rights and social guarantees;
  • facilitate the integration process and the implementation of European standards in the educational process within the ECTS, development of international cooperation in the field of education, including academic mobility of students.

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