Student organizations

In Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute there is a wide network of organizations that represent the interests of students, organize their leisure and protection of public interests.

Studmisto (the campus)

There are 20 dormitories on the territory of the University, which are home to over 13 thousand students. By appointment dormitories of the campus divided into: 17 dormitories for singles, 2 family dormitories and 1 dormitory for postgraduate students.


Nearly eighty percent of students ofIgor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute receive academic scholarship. The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine establishes the minimum academic scholarship.

Workshops Olympiads. Projects (extracurricular process)

Development of a student as a person and acquisition of leadership qualities, work with student organizations, workshops, student projects and holding all-Ukrainian Olympiads and conferences - the main activity of the department of organizational work with students.


Education is one of the most important components of student life and lays the foundation for building a successful career, forming students' understanding of their place in life and opportunities for professional and personal development.

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