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The Board of science and innovation studies

Фото. Ільченко Михайло Юхимович

Vice-Rector for scientific work, academician of NASU, doctor of technical science, honoured master of sciences and technologies of Ukraine, honoree of State Prize of USSR, Ukrainian SSR and Ukraine in the field of sciences and technology, professor Ilchenko Mykhailo Yukhymovych
phones: 236-62-13, 204-94-05
e-mail: ndch[at]

The Board of science and innovation studies is the university scientific complex, comprising the scientific, educational, research and development structural units, that are involved in the research and technical development and the implementation activities; as well as the academic staff training, science and innovation management subdivisions.

In its activities the Board follows the Acts of Ukraine ‘About the higher education’, ‘About the scientific and technical activities’, ‘About the priority orientations for the science and technology development’, ‘About the priority orientations for innovative activities in Ukraine’ and other statutory instruments of Ukraine, orders and provisions of Ministry of Education and Science, Youth and Sport of Ukraine, orders of rector, statutory documents of the university.

The Board conducts its activities through the interaction of academic activity, science and production, intending to acquire new knowledge, which is the basis for educational activities; solving complex tasks in the branch of scientific, technological and innovational development; implementation and usage in Ukraine and in the world market scientific and technological results and products, which are produced in the university.

The head of the Board is the Vice Rector for scientific work.

There are three directions of the Board’s activity:

  • training of the highly qualified academic staff;
  • scientific work;
  • innovation activity.

The Board consists of scientific structural units and subdivisions of management and organization of providing scientific and innovation activities, which are the part of scientific research in the university.

The Board consists of:

  • academic staff training management: department of post-graduate education and doctorate, Master’s scientific research organization group;
  • scientific research management: organization analytical department of Scientific Research Part, economic planning office of Scientific Research Part, accounts division of Scientific Research Part, management team of Scientific Research Part;
  • innovation activities management: intellectual property and scientific research results commercialization department, the group of interaction with innovation structures;
  • scientific structural units: scientific structural units of institutions and faculties of the university and separate scientific subdivisions (functional dependant universitywide subdivisions and boards: State Polytechnic Museum, science and research library,technical society ‘KPI-Telekom’, Research and Development Board of the university, specialized educational boards, energy saving board, Research and Development Board of Science Park ‘Kyivska Polytechnica’).
  • advisory panels of Scientific Research Part: technical, expert concerning national security information, expert consulting concerning intellectual property, expert concerning completed fiscal science and research works, expert concerning competitive selection of fiscal science and research works.

Innovation activities of the university are conducted through Science park ‘Kyivska Polytechnika’.


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