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Trade unions Cup back to KPI

2016.01.03 Різдвяний турнір "Кубок профспілки КПІ"

Christmas tournament " Trade unions cup of KPI", hosted on January 3, 2016, traditionally opened the futsal season in Kyiv. After celebrating the New Year in the warm atmosphere of the football tournament at the goal area met old friends. And assembled the Elder Kiev Futsal tournament organizer legendary Sergei Zhuravlev. This time the teams had five "Veterans KPI", "Student team trade union KPI", "National team futsal referees", "Team KNUCA" as well as novice competitions - team "Media Team" (partner of the sports club "Legion XXI" ). Tournament served elders of judicial corps Vladimir Frolov and Basil Kuzmenko.

It is recalled that the last owner cup before the tournament was the team of the channel "Football", headed by the leader of their attack known TV commentator Viktor Vatskom. Unfortunately, in the matching in 2016, this team has not participated and, of course, his title could defend at.

The tournament opened the match beginner "Media Team" against "Team of the student trade union KPI". Played and long been familiar with each of the young men KPI confidently won recently created media people team with a score of 7: 1. However, after defeat in the first game guide "Media Team" took in hand experienced Kyiv football expert Yuri Kondratyev, who came to the club after a team of arbitrators. Under the leadership of newly coach on the court much better team played such stars as Andrei Nikitin, Dmitry Copies, Vadim Kaganov, Oleg Lukyanenko, Andrei Mayorov and others. And the conquest of the silver medals of the tournament, given the age and level opponents can be considered a success for "Media Team".

The fourth and fifth rows in the standings took two most ancient team competition. The team KNUCA failed to win a single victory and was in the very end. A team of futsal referees, which has three points, settled on the fourth position.

National team veterans KPI, reinforced by young athletes, even before the first game was considered a favorite of the tournament. The best goal of the tournament was scored playing coach Alexander Mohunkom: his stunning on you-fulfillment shot from a sharp angle struck the "Nine" goal by disrupting the applause of the stands. Yet, if not endeavored student’s of KPI above third place they did not succeed.

Owner of " Trade unions Cup KPI" in 2016 with four victories in four matches and seventeen goals was the team KPI students trade union led by their best player Andrei Ardashnikovym. Award winners and the best players in the teams participating awarded tournament organizer Sergei Zhuravlev. Individual prizes were awarded Hlitin Alexander (KNUCA) Vyacheslav Skoropad ( "Referees"), Alexander Mohunko ( "Veterans KPI") and Dmitry Copies ( "Media Team").

Tournament organizers and participants express their sincere appreciation for the assistance and help in the organization the head of the trade union of employees of NTUU "KPI" Vitaly Molchanov.

Sergey Zhuravlev, Senior lecturer in chairsports improvement,
Vadim Mikhailenko, senior lecturer in chair of physical education


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