At the end of April, the XVIII International Scientific and Technical Conference "Prospects of Telecommunications 2024" and the XVI International Scientific and Technical Conference of Students and Postgraduates "Prospects of Information and Telecommunication Technologies and Systems Development 2024" were held at the Educational and Research Institute of Telecommunication Systems and the Research Institute of Telecommunications of Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute. 


Plenary sessions were held in person, and sectional sessions were held online. In addition to Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute scientists, researchers from Kyiv, Zhytomyr, Lviv, Kharkiv, as well as foreign colleagues - leading scientists from universities in Sweden, Lithuania, the UK and Germany - joined the conference. A total of 196 people applied to participate in the scientific meeting, 132 speeches were heard, including 4 reports by foreign researchers and 42 speeches by ITS students.

As stated in the conference decision, this year the number of reports on the use of artificial intelligence in electronic communications and security in electronic communications has increased. A significant number of reports were related to the development of software applications and telecommunications hardware to support our country's defense system. The content of the reports of foreign scientists corresponded to the priority scientific areas identified by the World Microwave Congress 2024. Online, colleagues from abroad reported on modern developments in the field of signal transmission in the terahertz range, which they are working on at their universities.

In addition, the final document identified 5 groups of reports based on the scientific level, practical results and prospects for further use of the materials submitted for consideration at its plenary and sectional sessions. 

The first group consists of 15 reports that, based on the combination of the above criteria, received the greatest interest and prospects for priority use in the educational process. Among them, in particular, are the materials of the presentation "Artificial Intelligence in the Field of Electronic Communications" (Assoc. Prof. I. Kononova), which should be used in the educational process by students and teachers of the Institute of ITS. 

The second group includes 11 reports, which, after some revision, possible consolidation of materials with the simultaneous expansion of their scope and emphasis on the novelty of scientific results, can be recommended for inclusion in the next issue of the monograph of the world-recognized publisher "Springer". 

17 papers of the third group, after their preparation in accordance with the requirements of domestic professional scientific journals of category A or B, in particular the journal "Information and Telecommunication Sciences", may be published there. 

The fourth group includes 9 reports that present the latest developments. They are recommended for participation in competitions (festivals) of innovative projects and startups, including the Sikorsky Challenge. 

And the fifth group consists of 7 reports that have potential for further obtaining new scientific and practical results and are recommended for participation in domestic or international competitions or grant programs.

A number of organizational and professional recommendations were also adopted. In particular, it was proposed that the process of involving telecommunications industry specialists, institutions of the Ministry of Digital Transformation, the State Service for Special Communications, ICT companies, and defense industry enterprises in the conference should be based on common interests and joint activities to implement specific projects, provide services, and train personnel. It is also proposed to continue to involve foreign scientists in presentations at the conference, to continue the practice of holding exhibitions of innovative developments in the field of infotechnology during the conference, including with the participation of the Polytechnic Radio Club, and to conduct interaction and cooperation with scientists of the Institute of ITS and students participating in the Student Design Bureau of the Institute of ITS on an ongoing basis.

Associate Professor Rina Novohrudska, the coordinator of the conference program committee, said that the members of the university radio engineering club "Polytechnic" and schoolchildren - members of the Minor Academy of Sciences - also took part in the conference. "I am very pleased that talented young people joined our event," she said, "Their reports provoked a lively discussion at the sections. And it's great when talented young people have the opportunity to share their achievements in the field of infocommunications."

The next, XIX ISTC "Prospects of Telecommunications" and XVII ISTC of Students and Postgraduates "Prospects of Development of Information and Telecommunication Technologies and Systems" are scheduled to be held in April 2025.

 Volodymyr Shkolnyi 
(according to the information of the Institute of ITS)

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