A state-of-the-art educational and research laboratory "Innovative Technologies in Energy and Transport" has been opened at Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute. Its creation is an extraordinary event for the university, because the world is entering the hydrogen era.

According to Mykhailo Zgurovsky, hydrogen technologies are the future of road, rail, water and air transport around the world. Our country has significant research and implementation potential in this area. Today, Ukraine is at the pilot stage of implementing hydrogen energy. Hydrogen has all the prospects to become the main source of energy on the planet. Scientists have been interested in it for many years, and a lot is known about its potential. This gas has several significant advantages over traditional fossil fuels. First of all, it has a higher energy content than natural gas, coal or oil products. But most importantly, it is an environmentally friendly energy carrier: the product of hydrogen combustion is only water, which means that its use is completely safe for the environment.
The prospects for using hydrogen technologies in Ukraine are extraordinary. The Energy Strategy of Ukraine until 2050 is the key to this. And the introduction of a mechanotronic stand based on a hybrid fuel cell car "Toyota Mirai", which was presented to our university by partners from the Energy Association "Ukrainian Hydrogen Council", is a step towards the introduction of innovations in the scientific and educational process of Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute.

According to Oksana Vovk, Director of the Institute of IEE, the number of reliable partners of our university and institute has increased. It is especially important that the Energy Association "Ukrainian Hydrogen Council" actively assists young people in mastering the latest achievements in the field of green energy. This creates opportunities for students and researchers to make their own contribution to the development of this promising sector of the economy. Vice President of the Ukrainian Hydrogen Council Oleksandr Diachenko believes that Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute can play a significant role in the field of hydrogen energy. Therefore, the support of our university by this association is its help in providing quality training for future specialists.

In a short commentary for Kyiv Polytechnic, Sergiy Boychenko, Head of the Department of Automation of Electrical and Mechatronic Complexes, shared his thoughts on the establishment of the laboratory: "The transition to ecological energy is a promising strategic choice of the state. One of the main goals of the Energy Strategy of Ukraine until 2050, mentioned by the rector, is the development of alternative energy sources. Therefore, it is symbolic that it is the scientists and engineers of our department who have proposed to create a scientific direction of hydrogen technologies for their implementation in the infrastructure of the Ukrainian economy. The focus of this initiative was the development of the material and technical base for training modern specialists, namely power engineers and system engineers. These ideas were realized thanks to cooperation with our business partners from the Ukrainian Hydrogen Council Energy Association.

As Serhii Boichenko said after the opening ceremony, the new laboratory will be used not only for teaching students but also for research in the production, storage and direct use of hydrogen and other alternative energy sources for the development of energy and transport technologies. "It is time to actively introduce innovations in the field of rational operation of hydrogen infrastructure," he said, "This is a task for the scientists and engineers of our department and the Research and Education Institute.

Viktor Zadvornov

Kyiv Polytechnics and IEE will develop the potential of green energy. A state-of-the-art educational and research laboratory for innovative technologies in energy and transport has been opened at Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute.

Specialists will be engaged in the reconstruction of Ukraine, in particular with the help of green energy.

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