📍 The monitoring of the first results of full-time education has been completed. Only 82% of bachelor's students started full-time education, and 74% of master's students. In total, 400 students did not attend full-time classes. This issue will be addressed individually with each of them.

📍 Students' participation in the competitive selection of teachers has been strengthened. The Student Parliament joins the work of the commissions. Information is being entered into the ratings of academic staff.

📍 Registration for the Unified Entrance Exam for Master's Degree is coming to an end in three days. So far, about 2,400 students have registered (65% of the total number of bachelors). 10% of applicants are students from other universities.

📍 The Ministry of Education and Science has changed the conditions for defending dissertations for graduate students. Now they have to submit their work 9 months before the defense. Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute is preparing a procedure for graduate students.

📍 Classes of Kyiv Polytechnic teachers together with the University of Sheffield have started.

📍 Semester control has begun. All information is available in the ECampus system.

📍 The students of the VPI have started their internship: from today they are working on the KPI Wall project.

A meeting was held with representatives of British universities on a joint space program. This will be the first major Ukrainian-British research project. The universities will sign a memorandum.

A peacekeeping project is being planned in partnership with Japanese colleagues.
📍 The effectiveness of the university's grant activities is being monitored. As of now, 12 out of 67 scientific schools are ready for research and grant activities.

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