On May 22, 2023, Volodymyr Omelianovych Kapustian, Professor of the Department of Economic Cybernetics of Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute, celebrated his 70th birthday.

V.O. Kapustian is a Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Professor, member of the Expert Council of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine in Mathematics and Mechanics.

Volodymyr Omelyanovych has devoted his entire professional life to research and education. For almost two decades, he headed the Department of Mathematical Modeling of Economic Systems, which he took over from its founder, Professor Viktor Ivanovych Ivanenko. Previously, he headed the Department of Computer Information Technologies at the Dnipropetrovs'k Institute of Railway Transport Engineers (1996-2003). Currently, Professor Kapustian teaches a number of disciplines; he supervises bachelors, masters, and postgraduate students. Thanks to his mentoring, the science has received 12 candidates and one doctor of science.

Volodymyr Omelyanovych's research interests include the theory of optimal control of systems with distributed parameters and asymptotic analysis, optimal control and game theory and their application in modeling economic processes. The results of his scientific research are reflected in two monographs, four textbooks, one textbook and more than 200 scientific articles indexed in the Scopus, Web of Science Core Collection, and Index Copernicus databases.

Professor V.O. Kapustian is a member of the editorial board of the professional journal "Economic Bulletin of Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute", the editorial board of the professional scientific collection "Bulletin of Dnipro National University. Series: Modeling", chairman and co-chairman of international and national scientific conferences.

Dear Volodymyr Omelyanovych, we wish you good health, creative inspiration and further scientific achievements!

The staff of the Faculty of Management and Marketing

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