Scientific activity is an intellectual creative activity aimed at obtaining new knowledge and (or) finding ways to apply it, the main types of which are basic and applied scientific research. (From the Law of Ukraine "On Scientific and Scientific-Technical Activity")

This year, Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute received the largest state order for training of specialists among all Ukrainian higher education institutions. The university is popular and attractive for students, because here scientists of different generations, in addition to the main teaching activities, conduct active research work, the results of which are implemented in the educational process, supervise the scientific work of higher education students, publish the results of their work in leading domestic and foreign scientific journals, monographs, and innovative textbooks. It is quite natural that, following their mentors, students participate in student scientific and engineering clubs and departmental research. The results of such activities are used in their graduation theses, presented at the All-Ukrainian Student Research Paper Competition, the Sikorsky Challenge Festival of Innovative Projects, and others. Over time, they start working alongside their senior colleagues and continue their scientific research.
We don't have to look far for examples. This spring, the Department of Electronic Devices and Systems of the FEL was headed by a young doctor of science, Yevhen Verbytskyi. Like most young department heads, he is a graduate of Kyiv Polytechnic. In 2007, he graduated with honors from KPI with a degree in Industrial Electronics, and in 2011 he began working as an assistant at the Department of Industrial Electronics. In 2013, he defended his PhD thesis and was promoted to associate professor, and in 2018, he received the appropriate title. In 2019, the departments of Industrial Electronics and Electronic Devices and Devices merged to form a new department, the Department of Electronic Devices and Systems, where he continued his teaching and research activities.

Energetic and ambitious, he boldly strives for new things - knowledge, research, and recognition. So he plunged into his work and spent the next years at his desk and test bench. The scientific results obtained allowed the young scientist to write his doctoral dissertation and defend it in 2021 and become a professor the following year. Since April 2023, Yevhen Verbytskyi has been working as the Head of the Department of Electronic Devices and Systems (EDS). He also won the university competition "Young Lecturer-Researcher 2022".

What is the researcher working on? While studying, he became interested in research and study of electromagnetic processes in semiconductor power converters. When he became a researcher, he focused on studying the topologies of converters for renewable energy sources, motor drives, chargers, and the synthesis of control laws for them. The scientific results in these areas are reflected in more than 60 professional publications, 7 patents, 2 monographs, obtained as a result of research projects with state funding and in cooperation with fellow scientists from Estonia, Germany, and Poland as part of international internship and cooperation programs. By the way, in 2019, for the work "Highly efficient distributed generation systems in urban electric transport", co-authored with Kateryna Klen, Dmytro Mykolaiets, and Vitalii Pavliuchenko, the scientist won the Presidential Award for Young Scientists.

It is worth noting that Yevhen Verbytskyi's teaching activities are closely related to his research interests. When teaching the subjects Field Theory, Electronic Control and Regulation Systems, and Components of Electronic Control Systems, he tries to present the material in a clear and visual form, encouraging students to develop themselves and implement their own scientific ideas.

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It should be noted that one of the important priorities of Yevhen Verbytskyi, as well as the staff of the Department of Electronic Devices and Systems, is to train competitive, competent and professionally mature specialists. For this purpose, equipment is updated and new laboratories are opened, scientific seminars and conferences are held, students are involved in national and international competitions, and they undergo internships at foreign universities.

Among the department's young scientists, Associate Professor Kateryna Klen, who studies stochastic processes in renewable energy systems, is particularly active. She has more than 40 publications, 4 monographs, one patent, and actively participates in national and international conferences. Kateryna is currently studying for her doctorate and preparing to defend her dissertation.

The department's graduate students also have significant scientific achievements. In particular, Mykola Lukianov, a 4th year PhD student, is researching distributed power supply systems for electric vehicles based on solar panels with a power balancing function, working together with Polish scientists from the Gdańsk University of Technology, where he is currently on an internship. Mykola has articles published in leading international journals of the first quartile of Q1, participation in leading international conferences, and valuable experience of cooperation with European colleagues.

Master's student Anton Manzhelii is conducting research on hybrid energy storage systems for electric vehicles. His work has been published in professional journals and tested at conferences. A successful presentation of his results allowed the student to win a special prize at the international competition "Microelectronic Systems Engineering - SERGIU RADAUTAN" held at the Technical University of Moldova.

Ivan Zagorulko, currently a 4th year student, also joined the youth team of scientists. He really impresses with his activity and creativity; he successfully combines his studies at the university with participation in international and domestic competitions, startups and hackathons, where he is not left without awards. Among his recent achievements, it is worth noting that he received a grant at the XI Sikorsky Challenge Festival for the project "Innovative Transformation of Ukraine" and won the competition of the Zavtra.UA scholarship program with the project "Creativity Valley - a platform for student technological creativity." The main thing is that Ivan, gaining experience in scientific and innovative activities, is constantly involved in organizing university educational events: "KPI School of creativity, Techno Art KPI, Techno Ukraine, SmaRTF, KPI Upgrade Hackathone, and generously shares his achievements with colleagues and everyone who is interested in inventions and developments.

"Not only Mykola, Anton, and Ivan deserve respect and support," says Yevhen Verbytskyi, "There are many capable and talented students among the department's students who will become professionals in the future. The main thing is to be ambitious and consistent in achieving their goals, open to new knowledge, and understand the need and importance of continuous self-improvement and learning."
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