At the Meeting of the University Development Council

The University Development Council has recently adopted the following expenditures: new video cameras and distance learning database server (UAH 26 thousand), replacement of windows (UAH 156 thousand), public facilities reconstruction (UAH 394,8 thousand), a new central switchboard to improve the University computer network (UAH 360 thousand). Most of the funds are those that have not been used by departments on development last year.

The University Development Council, however, has not adopted expenditures on some projects. Firstly, the Council decided to study them in detail. One of the projects is the membership fee for the UNICA Network participation 202. There is also financing a project of training models of aviation and rocket-and-space technology (a glider by Sergei Korolev and a Ukrainian missile) at the Center of aerospace engineering of the IAT. These training models plan to be installed in the Pioneers of Aviation Square.