To the schoolchildren - about the newest developments of the Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute

On 18th December P.Loboda- a dean of IPhF, correspond member of NAS of Ukraine, professor, judge of department of engineering sciences of the final stage of the Allukrainian competition-defence of scientifically-research works of students-members of SAS of Ukraine, have read a lecture to the schoolchildren in Zhytomyr .

An interactive lecture "Modern materials and technologies that change the world" has interested all schoolchildren. And especially those that is interested with the newest technologies and understand the importance of modern developments in industry of material science for the future of planet and the humanity on the whole, in fact the creation of new material-strong, ultralight, supermodern - it is important constituent of any industry, military arsenal or medicine.

P.Loboda has demonstrated armour-piercing ultralight bullets, a helmet and also newest developments of powder-like metallurgy - difficult detail for аutomobile industry, prepared with the method of the high-temperature sintering in special stoves.

The experiments with liquid nitrogen always take interest of any audience, the same happened this time – the greatest agiotage in publics was caused by levitation of metallic marble between two plates in the environment of ultralow temperatures (on a photo), proving to the young clever men, that time of flying cars will be approached.

At the end all visitors have watched the scientific films, that motivate to study material science as an exciting science.