The meeting of graduating students of mining faculty

   40 years have passed when we - graduating students of faculty of mining electro mechanics and automation of 1979 - left the walls of native Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute. Together with the knowledge that we got in one of the best universities in former Union, we brought in life also student`s friendship or even student`s fraternity.

   Our course of 1973-1979 years was and remained very friendly. Our dean, V. Vinoslavsky(who was  called as "dad Vassya"), on our graduation said, that such course on the faculty never was and maybe won`t be again . We had great associate deans – V.Smirnov and V.Lisovsky. It seems that they knew all students on a faculty. Faculty - our and their family! We had a hymn of faculty of HEMA, that was passed from generations. Words were known by all students, we sang them together with our teachers.

   We met every 5 years, sharing our interesting moments from life. Our graduating students work not only in the countries of former Union but also in the USA, Israel, Italy, Germany and other countries. Even in the most difficult times we wanted to meet, because here we got the charge of confidence for the next five years. We knew that each of us can get a help or advice from not indifferent people at any moment.

   The next meeting took place on 18th May in 2019 in Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute. We all are already after 60 years. Somebody on the deserved rest, somebody works yet. Someone has grey hair, someone lost it, someone has glasses, and we even walk not as quickly. It was noticed only in the first minutes of meeting. And then, as with the help of magic stick, we grow into those young boys and girls that were 40 years back: we are all young, sing student songs, remember funny cases that happened with us and with our teachers. During celebration the administrator of cafe walked to me, began to laugh and said about my friends: "They are as funny as children". It was the best compliment for us. Not everybody can after 60 years remain a child in the soul - only the most talented.

   Visiting Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute, it is impossible not to mark those striking changes that took place here for the last decades: a new modern educational-material base is created, that is always renovates and improves. Scientific-technical library, new dormitories, sport complex are built here. We were walking in the wonderful park, that, to our opinion, is the best in city. Today Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute is the real city of knowledge and science.

   We are thankful to the М.Zghurovsky for greeting on occasion of 40 years of completion of Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic. Also we want to thank to the workers of university, that helped us with preparation for this meeting, : S.Sydorenko - to the pro-rector from international connections, V.Rosen - to the manager of department of automation of management the electrical engineering complexes of ІЕЕ, H.Bidnyuk worker of department of international connections, Y.Hurku - to the director of student dining-room and others. Due to them the meeting passed in a friendly, comfortable atmosphere. On mention to us there are lots of photos, good mood and the desire to meet again.

N.Sokolovska, chairwoman