Interact actively and work economically and efficiently

It is said among the people that everyone can act as an expert on teaching children, playing football and curing by yourself in our country. Perhaps, the same “credible” opinion can also be heard about development and maintenance of university's material and technical basis. Stacks of memos about flaws are put on the administration's desks and their authors often wait for improvements from the authority, without influencing on the local situation. At the meeting of university's Academic Council on March 11th a 2018 report on administration and maintenance activity was briefed. This area of work in university has always been difficult. It is like a blanket which you always have to move to cover the most critical positions. Today, it is possible to effectively maintain and develop the material and technical base of the university by increasing the efficiency of management, competent use of available resources and improving the coordination of university services with the relevant faculty services.

Below are given and outlined the excerpts from the report and the main tasks of the department for the current year.

The main task of the department is to maintain the existing material and technical base in a normal operational condition and to create the necessary conditions to ensure the educational and scientific activities of students and university staff.

[The full version of material is in Ukrainian language]