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International women-leaders teleconference bridge

2019.01.31 International women-leaders  teleconference bridge

Women-leaders teleconference bridge, devoted to celebration of 100-year’ legal confirmation of female voting rights in Ukraine, was held on January 31, 2019. European and Ukrainian members of Parliament, representatives of International organizations, members of Government, representatives of the Main and Local executive bodies, the mayors and local counselors, the leaders of civil society took part in this teleconference bridge. The representative of Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute  was a vice-principal of Ukrainian center of gender-based education, senior lecturer Strebkova Y. V..

About three thousand Ukrainian women from different regions of our country joined online discussion of global challenges: representatives from the center were gathered in Kyiv, women from the south – in Odessa, the east – in Severodonetsk, the north – Kharkiv, the west – Lviv. Together with women-leaders from Great Britain, Lithuania, Georgia, Israel and other counties of the world, women were exchanging of their experience in achieving international standards of gender equality and of mechanisms of strengthening dominant position women in politics.  

There were discussing questions like quotas setting on the legislative level during national election process, increasing the number of female representatives at all levels of authority and overcoming economical-sociable discrimination against women and providing women’s rights clearance, and also questions of arranging armed conflicts, coping with socio-humanitarian crisis and question of the role women at the peacekeeping process.

Moreover, such people as the first President of Ukraine Leonid Kravchuk, national lawmakers Natalia Korolevska and Oksana Bilozyr, government-owned in gender politics Kateryna Levchenko, the chairman of Council of Europe Morten Enberg were involved in this discussion.

“Today so many efforts are joined together to involve as many women into politics as it is possible, to encourage them to increase their role and influence,” – admitted the president of Female politic leaders’ forum Silvana Koch-Maryn. “It is time to  act, we need international female lobby, and I am happy that Ukrainian women speak openly about their readiness for heading public processes in our country” – she underlined.

Morten Enberg as a representative of Chief secretary Council of Europe within the program of cooperation, stressed on the importance of Istanbul Convention and adoption of legal regulations, which are needed on the way of struggling against violence to women. He has expressed the hope to ratification Istanbul Convention by Ukrainian authority.

At the end of the event, its members made an online poll to Women-leaders resolution of Kyiv Global Summit: Women. Peace. Security. Its main idea is to expand Ukrainian women’s rights, namely an opportunity of 50% to be promoted to the post, and the same percentage of presence at all the levels of public authority. The document was adopted unanimously. It will be passed to the review to the Supreme Council of Ukraine.



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