Paliychuk Lilia Serhyivna. The fellowshipped student of The Council Cabinet from IASA

In the end of the previous year Lilia Serhyivna Paliychuk, the asistent of the department of maths semantic analysis techniques, the junior science staffer  of the science-investigational department of the system-defined maths of the Institute of the commercial system-defined analysis, was awarded by the fellowship of The Ukrainian Council Cabinet  for the young scientists, successfully carring out the researches, working up the pressing scientific-technological researches and have already achieved a great deal.

Lilia Serhyivna matriculated the post-graduate of  Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute in 2011. She studied and carried out the researches under the control of  the doctor of physical and mathematical sciences Pavlo Olegovich Kasianov. The main line of their researches are connected with the development of the theory of nonlinear and multidigital analysis, nonlinear diferencial-operatored equations, inclusions and variation curves. The results of the researches of the last 5 years were reproducted in 22 science works where 6 among them were reproducted in Scopus and 4 – in Web of Science.

After the graduating Lilia Serhyina  continued to work in IASA as a junior scientist. She is an author of multiple science-inventional works of Ukrainian  MOE and NAS, especially  GDR  of the President grants and GDR of the NAS grants for the young scientists. In 2018 she passed a viva on the topic «Multidigital analysis of the evolutional systems of undular type with non-regular limitations».

Her research advisor  P.O. Kasianov noticed : «Lilia Serhyivna  is one of my best students. She works in the group of  NDV system maths, actively proceeded the science themes of Ukrainian NAS and MOE. Her results concernant asymptotant behavior of wave system solutions could become a basis for the future theoretical and semantic researches and of the science cooperation with the leading  Ukrainian and foreign universities ».

The young scientist is not ready to rest. In the future she plans to continue working with the scientific field of the department , to aplify the theme of researches, to study more wast classes of various exercises , to focus on semantic aspects of the prevailed theoretical results.

Lets wish her good luck on her challenging road of scientific research.