The thought of MSES’ (FMM) students, concerning their IT professor, Candidate of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Olena Viktorivna Stets, is unanimous: she is really an interesting and cheerful person. For instance, at the end of the year she takes examinations with a Christmas mood, when both students and professor have elements of New Year’s suits. How come not to learn all the material stuff and just make your professor happy?

That is she who was offered to become a new leader of the student scientific-cultural club "ESTIEM Local Group Kiev", where such events like these are held: scientific-cultural events of the development your hard and soft skills and communication between students studying industrial engineering and management.

Besides, Olena Viktorivna has a big passion to dancing. Only during the last year did they take part in more than 10 Ukraine-wide and international competitions. In October this couple became a finalist and the owner of World Pro-Am Cup в MonteCarlo Monaco. The last month gave them the gold and bronze on the international tournament StarLight "Grand Prix" Cup 2019. Currently, they are preparing for XXX anniversary international festival "Pa­rad nadiy 2019".

Olena Viktorivna shared kindly her report about her work and hobbies with readers of “KP”.

I was born in a fabulous European town on the West of Ukraine, where people speak various languages, where more than 100 peoples live in a harmony and peace. I was brought up in an intelligent family reading a lot of books, where knowledge, a good sense of humor and private space were appreciated. I was surrounded with my soulmates, who shared their experience with me. And now, I’m repaying debts to a new generation. I try to prove everyone one interesting fact: the criteria of individuality and great interest in life are Knowledge, Skills and Impression.

Despite the fact, that my subject field is IT, computer-aided technologies, software and other “curiosities” , I want my students to remember that nothing can change all the happiness of real life. They differ. In my case, it is dancing.

 At the age of 40, I realized I wanted dancing! Extremely wanted! I’m interested in everything: from the history of different dances, music, the biographies of famous dancers to routine trainings, hours of exercises and changing myself.  

Both in studying and dancing it is essential to find the time you get those strong feelings. For example, if the feelings appear taking possession of something new, it is a constructive immersion, involving you in this action. If you derive pleasure from achieving good results, when your brains and body are getting stronger, that is development of yourself. Being rated highly by your colleagues and professors, this kind of euphoria is a confession. But looking forward to your next training is that rare feeling which may exist only when the base of motivation is your professor himself.  

Everything works out! All you need is just be honest with yourself.

I love my students with all my heart and soul and thank them for their startling interest for life, amazing possibility of fearlessness, being involved in various processes which can even seem to be totally foolish. Their “Why not?” is a powerful incentive in my job.

It is a big happiness for me to know that colleagues, students and even their parents, inspired by my “it is never late”, discover the fields they used to stop developing in because of the decision “it’s too late”.

Your hobby has to make you feel happy! It doesn’t even matter where it is: in the city center, dancing room or lecture hall.

And one more thing … Dreams MUST come true!

Olena Stets, senior lecturer of the Chair MSES