Resolution of the Council on living and utility issues of the university

In the “Kyivskyi Polytechnic” newspaper No. 5 of February 15, 2018, an announcement was published about the beginning of repair works in a residential building No. 1 at the Peremohy Avenue, 37, and about applications from university employees to participate in these works with the subsequent acquisition of housing in accordance with current housing legislation.

In total, applications and sets of documents were accepted from fourteen university employees. When preliminary processing of documents by the housing and communal commission of the trade union committee and the subcommittee of the Council on housing and social issues of the University, created by the decision of the Academic Council (Minutes No. 7 dated June 25, 2018), an examination was carried out on the existence of grounds for obtaining residential premises in the applicants. As a result of the inspection, the members of the commissions found the lack of legal grounds for receiving residential premises by two employees: M. M. Dzhumelya (absence of a statement on the state housing registry in Kyiv) and G.G. Baranovska (no grounds for inclusion in the checklist university workers who need to improve housing conditions). At the next stages of verification, the rest of the staff were partially updated and additional documents provided confirming their eligibility for housing.

As a result, the Council on Housing and Social Affairs and the Trade Union Committee of the University staff conducted a work on the list of citizens – university employees who are supposed to be provided a living room in a residential building №1 on the Peremohy Avenue, 37, on terms of investing in repair work in the above-mentioned premises .

At the request of the current legislation (second paragraph of Clause 56 of the “Rules of registration of citizens who need improvement of living conditions and the provision of housing for them ...”), we publish for the public:

1) a list of citizens who are allowed to be provided a living space in a residential building №1 on the Peremohy Avenue, 37, on conditions of investment repair works in the specified premises:

  • Myhailo Oleksandrovych Bezuglyi;
  • Andriy Gavrushkevych;
  • Yaroslav Igorovich Kornaga;
  • Olexander Ischenko.

2) include in the list as a reserve (if there is a possibility of providing living quarters) Bogdan Ivanovych Duda.

Comments and suggestions are accepted by the Board of Residential and Social-Utility Issues of the University (room 267, 1st building) within a month from the date of publication of this list.

The statements of the candidates Kh.H.Babadzhanov, I.A. Gryshko, I.M.Ivanenko, I.Ivitskyi, P.O.Kyrychok, S.M.Poladko, N.G.Pustovoyt are considered, and the said workers continue to remain in the checklist of the university for housing in the future, including on the terms of share or investment participation.

K.M. Grynenko, head of the social-utility division