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Round table with representatives of the Lithuanian Energy Institute

2017.09.13 Round table with representatives of the Lithuanian Energy Institute

On 13 September, at a round table at the premises of Igor Sikorsky KPI were discussed energy issues and the principles of cooperation between Kyiv Polytechnics and their colleagues from Lithuanian Energy Institute in general projects in Ukraine and EU countries.

The following took part in the meeting: director of the Lithuanian Energy Institute Sigitas Rimkevicius, Professor Virginyus Radziukinas, coordinator of the “Open R&D Lithuania” of the State Agency of Science, Innovation and Technology of the Republic of Lithuania Mantas Naschlionis, Director of the “Ukrenergonaladkavimiryuvannya”, NVP, TOV Andrey Ginailo, Deputy Head of the SE "NPC Ukrenergo" Dmitry Olefir. From Igor Sikorsky KPI – dean of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Automation Alexander Yandulsky, head of the Department of Automation of Electromechanical Systems and Electric Drive of this faculty Sergey Peresada, head of the Department of Renewable Energy Sources Stepan Kudrya, head of the Department of High Voltage Engineering and Electrophysics Vladimir Brzezitsky, head of the Department of Electric Power Plants Evgen Bardik, head of the Department of Power System Automation Anatoly Marchenko and others.

After exchanging information on the structure, program, research and innovation activities of the Lithuanian Energy Institute and the Faculty of Electric Power Engineering and Automation, the participants discussed cooperation issues. In addition, Virginius Radziukin reviewed the development of the LEI Laboratory of Systems Control and Automation in the context of possible cooperation with the Ukrainian side, also there were presentations on the following topics: "Development of the smart grid networks in connection with the transition to the Fourth Energy Package", "Development of the planning technique for decentralized local generation in the Smart city", "Smart Metering" and "Methods for eliminating unbalances and overloads in real time with the possibility of applying market-based measures in selecting power reserves". Sergey Peresada made a presentation about "Electromechanical transformation of energy in the global problem of increasing energy efficiency", Mantas Nachlionis ("Cooperation between science and business, implemented projects in the energy sector, participation in EU programs and attracting investments for the implementation of projects"), Alexander Yandulsky ("Intelligent electric power systems with renewable energy sources. Studies and results of the work of the Department of Power Systems Automation ") and Vadim Chumak ("Systems of insulation diagnostics of electrical machinery ").

After the discussion, the Lithuanian guests visited the State Polytechnic Museum at Igor Sikorsky KPI and the laboratory of the Faculty of Electrical Power Engineering and Automatics.


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