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Exhibition of Venera Sabirova

2017-08,09-30 Exhibition of Venera Sabirova

The exhibition of works by Venera Sabirova opened in the Picture Gallery of Igor Sikorsky KPI at the end of August. It presents more than 80 paintings, among them are landscapes, still-life paintings, abstracts etc. The technique of works is diverse including oil painting on canvas and cardboard, glass painting. The paintings made on glass are notable for their originality. Also, they are particularly admired by visitors.

Venera Sabirova is an economist by the first training, but she painted from childhood. Over time, she realized that her vocation was art. In 2008, she entered the National Academy of Arts and Architecture and received a master's degree with honors upon completion of her studies. Her personal exhibitions are held annually in Kiev. Her paintings are in private collections not only in Ukraine, but also in Russia, Germany, France, the USA, Canada, Israel and Switzerland.

The artist says about herself: "I love this beautiful world, and I like to create something that brings me joy, a little bit of happiness and a smile with my own hands. I want to bring people airiness, love and purity which is enough in nature. I want love to be conveyed through pictures to everyone who looks at them, so that it was sunny, warm and fun from the rays of the sun that are present on each of my paintings".

You can visit the exhibition before the end of September.

Picture Gallery of the Culture & Art Centre of Igor Sikorsky KPI

Сонячні риби, скло, вітражна фарба, 2015 р.Маки, скло, вітражна фарба, 2015 р.

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