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Don’t be afraid to reach for the stars

Olena Nazarchuk

It is with this motto that Olena Nazarchuk, a student of the 6th year of the instrument engineering faculty, was awarded the scholarship of the President of Ukraine. The student life of Helen is intense and vibrant with bright influences. In a distant 2013, having decided to become an engineer, she arrived in Kyiv from a small town of Pochayiv, which is in the Ternopil region. She has chosen Kyiv Polytechnics because she considers it the best technical university in Ukraine, where specialists in engineering specialties are trained. Olena received an educational level of bachelor at the Faculty of Biomedical Engineering, where she obtained theoretical and practical knowledge in medicine and basic – in technical disciplines.

“Most of all, I liked the classes that took place at the National Institute of Cardiovascular Surgery named after Amosov, the National Cancer Institute, the Paton Institute of Electric Welding. So, at first it was quite difficult, after a regular school in a small town, to become accustomed to the capital and the requirements for the level of knowledge available in the Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute. I even thought that I would not be able to study here and wanted to take away documents after the first year, but at some point I decided to make the maximum effort and everything happened to me,” says Olena. And it really happened: she defended her thesis. And she is engaged in sports: running, shaping, aerobics are her favorite kinds.

To be successful in this life, one can not dwell on what has been achieved. Therefore, after graduating with Bachelor's degree Olena decided that she wanted to get deeper technical knowledge and try herself in a new field – non-destructive control. So she decided to enroll in the master's program at the department of devices and systems of non-destructive control of the instrument-engineering faculty. Sleepless nights of preparation were not easy, and the entrance examination was successful.

Even experienced teachers were surprised by the student's persistence in learning new subjects. She succeeded in short term mastering all that her classmates studied during the past four years, and as a result, the appointment of a scholarship to the President of Ukraine. She took part in two international and five nation scientific student conferences, has 2 patents of Ukraine, 10 scientific publications (three of them in the scientific magazines of the VAK). As before, her interests are medicine, engineering, natural sciences and mathematical sciences.

Her scientific research deals with medical thermography, in particular, improving the design parameters of thermal imagers and developing software for processing medical thermographs for diagnostic purposes. Scientific supervisor are doctor of pedagogical sciences, professor A.G. Protasov.

“If you define your goal and go for it, then certainly everything will come out. The new faculty, new chair and faculty members – it certainly undoubtedly frightened me, but it was from them that their support was enormous. During the month I was quite sure that there was no mistake in choosing this Departments to deepen engineering knowledge.

If you ask me if I changed my decision when choosing a higher and specialty, the answer is unequivocal – no. I would still join the FBMI, and later in the PSNC” the student says. Despite the enormous amount of work, she is able to find time and hobbies “for the soul” – embroidery with beads, cooking, reading books, and plans for the future – to continue research and improve her knowledge of medicine and engineering, in order to continue to work effectively, to be in demand in the profession and useful to people.

“Undoubtedly, without the desire to change one's life it is very little that can be achieved,” says Olena, “but do not forget that there are people around us who will always be happy to help and support. Teachers, mom with sister, friends and beloved. This is the support that helps me move further and conquer new heights. Do not be afraid to try something new – everything will come out!” – the student believes.

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