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Internet Centre “Akme-Harmoniia”

Інтернет-центр "Акме-Гармонія"

The internet centre “Akme-Harmoniia” was created at the Faculty of Heat and Power Engineering (Department of Automation of Power Processes and Systems Engineering, APEPS). The centre is testing and diagnosing students to identify, develop and improve their natural-genetic (potential-resource) opportunities.

Biological-medical analytical and expert information system (IC), which investigates individual characteristics - person's parameters (physical, spiritual, intellectual), was developed. It gives recommendations on the abilities, talent and professional orientation of the student in the form of an individual biological and medical genetic "passport of the student".
where his basic abilities are reflected. On the basis of these abilities technologies, algorithms, methods, recommendations, etc. are formed for the purpose of self-actualization and self-perfection of the person.

The development and improvement of the internal (inherited and acquired as a result of education and upbringing) and social skills of the student is carried out in the following directions: vocational guidance, professional election, professional placement, self-education, stress tolerance, teamwork, self-actualization, harmonious development, etc.

The result of the work of the centre and computer IC will be improving the quality of education and upbringing of students, as well as the ability for a student to choose his/her own harmonious way of life.

V.M.Antonov, the head of the centre


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