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Interdisciplinarity. Internationalization. International Institute?

Sources of idea. The problem of “human resources vacuum” is clear for the international administrative vertical.

And although the Academic Council of our university made decisions on the preparation of managers of the international sphere through the educational process on the FSL, FMM, FL, IPP in the underground, but no system solution was found. We could delegate more KPI students and international management bodies just as other universities that train “internationalists” do.

Said is just a “push” for comprehension and other problems. An example of the underutilized opportunities in foreign economic activity, in raising the competitiveness of our graduates, etc.

New solutions can be searched basing on the deepening of interdisciplinarity in constructing of the content of the educational process according to modern requirements of the KPI and the country accordingly.

These solutions shall be based on the tendencies and deep traditions of interdisciplinarity, starting from the period of the university foundation, which was stated in 1903 by D.I. Mendeleev.

[The full version of material is in Ukrainian language]


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