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Uniting the studying and practice

Тетяна Іваненко

The vast majority of Kyiv Polytechnic students are seriously preparing for future professional activities. Indeed, not only the development of certain sectors of the economy, but also the safety of the environment and people's health depends not only on the knowledge and practical skills acquired by them during the years of studying. An academic scholarship named after Igor Kurchatov was founded in order to award the students who receive education in the field of “Nuclear Power Engineering” and the those, the most distinguished in teaching and research activity.

Tetyana Ivanenko is a student of the second year of FHPE (specialization “Nuclear Power Plants”) for this semester. During school years the girl was fond of literature, she even dreamed of becoming a journalist in the future, but in the 9th grade she decided to study the natural sciences. Her love of physics and mathematics was instilled by her grandmother, who was a physics teacher and a school principal. Tatiana graduated from a secondary school with a gold medal.

His majesty case intervened unexpectedly in the choice of the future profession and higher educational establishment (the girl joked so then). Tetiana did not plan to enter Igor Sikorsky KPI. “During the entering campaign with my friends I decided to walk through the territory of Kyiv Polytechnic, I was here for the first time. I was so impressed with the greatness and atmosphere of the university that decided to link my life with this hinge and chose the most interesting specialty,” she recalls.

Starting from the second year, Tatiana received an elevated scholarship, took part in Olympiads in higher mathematics. When she joined the Masters, she began to study research on justification of the possibility of extending the life of NPP power units in Ukraine, considering that this problem is very relevant at the present time. From 2016 student combines training with practice i.e. works at the State Enterprise “State Scientific and Engineering Center of Control and Emergency Response Systems” as an engineer of the 2nd category, where she develops the subject of her research.

Tetiana is a purposeful and persistent person, she can reasonably distribute her time between education, leisure and personal life. She pays great attention to physical health and spiritual development, has a hobby – embroidery with beads.
The news that she became a nominee for scholarship was unexpected and even more pleasant. “It's great when you are engaged in your favorite activity and your efforts are crowned with success. This is another indication that I'm moving in the right direction,” shared the scholarship receiver.

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