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22 червня – The Commemoration Day And the Day of Commemoration the victims of war in Ukraine

2018.06.22 День Скорботи і вшанування пам'яті жертв війни в Україні

Dear Polytechnics! Each year on June 22 our people commemorate the memory of millions of Ukrainians, whose life was taken during the Second World War. With grief and pain, it burst into every Ukrainian home, a bloody line passed through every heart, every fate.

Our sacred duty is to preserve forever the memory of those who defended the victory in this terrible war, those who became victims of the deadly crimes of Nazism.

Today, suffering from bloody military aggression in the east, we are particularly aware of the price of freedom, peace and security. The best sons and daughters of the Ukrainian people, with arms in their hands, protect our borders, our freedom, our own democratic choices.

Eternal memory of the dead. Honor and glory to living heroes!

Rector’s office, labor unions, veterans’ union.

Webmaster: for the illustration was used a poster for the exhibition "June 1941 - At a Break"


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