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Visit of Alsalam Aerospace Industries executives

2017.12.21 Візит керівників компанії «Alsalam Aerospace Industries»

On December, 21 Igor Sikorsky KPI was visited by delegation of the company "Alsalam Aerospace Industries" (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia).

The visit took place at the suggestion of Tucana Engineering, a member of the Progresstech Group of Companies, one of the co-founders of the SP Tymoshenko Joint Research Center named after KPI. Igor Sikorsky and companies "Boeing" and "Progresstech-Ukraine", opened on the basis of the Machine-Building Institute of the University.

The delegation was headed by President of the company "Alsalam Aerospace Industries" Yahuya Gomod X Algerabi. It also included Vice President of the Business Development Company Abdulaziz Salem A Alorafi, Vice President of Aircraft Maintenance and Production, Alice Kadir, Abdulaziz Development Director Salem M Alhamdi and Engineers Analazi Meshari Ayd M and Nunung Fuadi BN Yahua Munir . Employees of Alsalam Aerospace Industries were accompanied by representatives of Tucana Engineering - SEA company Galia Brovko (France), Deputy Director of the Tucana Engineering Office in Ukraine Olena Lysenko and Chief Engineer Representative Sergei Tkachenko.

The guests met the rector of Igor Sikorsky KPI Academician of the National Academy of Ukraine Sciences Mikhail Zgurovskyy, Vice Rector for International Relations Corresponding Member of the National Academy of Ukraine Sciences Serhiy Sidorenko, Director of the Mechanical Engineering Institute Corresponding Member of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine Nikolay Bobir, Deputy Head of the Department of International Cooperation of the University Sergey Shuyev and others.

Representatives of Alsalam Aerospace Industries and Tucana Engineering inspected the exposition of the State Polytechnic Museum and its Department of Aviation and Cosmonautics. I. Sikorsky, as well as the office of SP Tymoshenko, in which the prominent Ukrainian-American mechanic scientist worked at the beginning of the twentieth century, and the above mentioned Joint Educational and Scientific Center. We remind that this Center provides special training of mechanical engineers for work in the aviation industry, including the companies Boeing, Progresstech, Тucana Engineering and others.
The guests were also provided with general information about the targeted training programs, which are training future specialists in the aviation industry in the Joint Educational and Scientific Center them. SP Timoshenko Igor Sikorsky KPI and Boeing and Progresstech-Ukraine companies, and at the faculties of the university, there was discussion of the forms and directions of possible cooperation.

In the photo: guests at the monument to Igor Sikorsky


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