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NETCENG Master Classes at FAKS

2017.04.15 Майстер-класи за проектом NETCENG на ФАКС

The NETCENG Project is a European Union’s project of technical assistance "A New Model of the Third Cycle of Engineering Education in Accordance with the Bologna Process in Belarus, Russia, Ukraine", which has been implemented since December 2013, and aims at the introduction of doctoral studies pilot programs in target universities. in engineering in accordance with the ten principles of the Salzburg and Bucharest forums. Participants from Ukraine: the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, Igor Sikorsky KPI (Ukrainian Chief Project Coordinator), National Aviation University, Cherkasy State Technological University, and State Design Enterprise Bureau Pivdenne. The Faculty of Aviation and Space Systems was the main faculty of the KPI to implement the project results.

On 15th of April, 2017 leading experts from European universities participating in the project carried out master classes in which lecturers, post-graduate students and students of our university, NAU, representatives of industrial enterprises and the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine took part. Professor at the University of Brunel (London) Dmitry Eskin made a presentation on "Fundamentals of Crystallization and Structure Formation in Alloys". He not only acquainted students with the main stages of the process of crystallisation, but also reported very interesting results of research conducted at the University of Brunel, in particular those relating to aluminum alloys. Representative of the Vilnius Technical University. Guedeminas, Dr. Mantas Pranskevicius, made a presentation on "Modeling of processes in the environment". Much of the report was devoted to the application of modern software for modeling processes in the environment.

After the master classes, a round table was held in which the first vice-rector of the KPI took part. Y.V.Bobkov, representative of the project coordinator from the NAU D.Prusov, representative of the Vilnius Technical University. Gediminas (Project Coordinator) R. Grubliuskas, European Project Manager and Head of the ECM Office (Berlin) A. Sternhartz, Deputy General Designer for Scientific and Educational Work of the Design Bureau "Southern" O.V.Novikov, Director of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine VP Fedorov and other representatives of the universities participating in the project. There was a lively discussion on the implementation of the European Doctoral PhD.

Y.I.Yakimenko familiarized the participants with information on the participation of the university leadership in the preparation of the new Law of Ukraine "On Higher Education", which for the first time identified the transition to a European model of training highly qualified personnel. He also focused on the peculiarities of the Ph.D. program in the KPI. O.V.Novikov paid considerable attention to the connections of science and industry, requirements to the programs of preparation of doctors of philosophy from the real sector of the economy. A. Sterenharts highlighted the main achievements of the project, further tasks and expressed confidence in continuing fruitful cooperation with Ukrainian partners, first of all with the leading technical university – KPI.

After the round table was completed, a visit to the Museum of Aviation and Astronautics was held at the University for foreign visitors. They also visited the FAKS training and research laboratories.

The next day, April 16, 2016, Cherkasy State Technological University also held master classes of representatives of European universities participating in the project. Y.V.Bobkov and O.P.Marinoshenko took part in the events from Kyiv Polytechnic. During the meetings, representatives of each university-participant from Ukraine reported on the status of the project. There was discussion of the achieved results and further measures for the successful completion of the project and the prospects for future cooperation. The monitoring mission of the National Erasmus + office in Ukraine, which was presented by its head S. Shitikova and P.Krainyk, evaluated the work of the project participants positively.

U.V. Bobkov, Deputy Dean of FAKS


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