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The most feminine unit of our university: the time of change

Бібліотекарі КПІ

Historically in the Ukrainian society a woman is assigned not only the traditional role of mother. Quite often, the mystical image of the great defender, the spiritual mentor of the Ukrainian people - Oranta - is at the forefront. Perhaps because of the unstable times that our country is experiencing, the image of a modern Ukrainian woman consists not only of traditional qualities: the family hearth, the birth and education of children, but also includes an active living and social position and professional activity.

This is also fully applicable to the NTL team. G. I. Denisenko - the "most busy" collective of the Igor Sikorsky KPI. Two years ago, led by director Oksana Bruy, despite the difficult political and economic situation, thinking about the future of not only the university but the entire country, the library team developed a strategy for its development, the purpose of which is to make a qualitative change in the library's activities according to the needs of the university, modern trends and best practices in the world.

During the last year the organizational structure of the library has been updated, the service system has been changed fundamentally, the actual portfolio of services has been developed. New departments appeared — perspective development, cultural and educational work, information support for education and research. All these departments are headed by smart, creative and beautiful women.

Today, the KPI Library gradually turns into an open creative space that prompts new ideas, meaningful leisure and personal development. Each year, the library hosts more than 300 different events that help one to become successful, gain leadership and business skills, and promote and implement their ideas, inventions and developments.

[The full version of material is in Ukrainian language]


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