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Following father’s steps

Юрій Онищук

One of the best students of the Faculty of Heat and Power, Yurii Onyshchuk, who receives Igor Kurchatov scholarship this year, is a student of the first year of master program, studying in the field of “Nuclear Power Engineering”, specializing in “Atomic Power Plants”. Since school years, the boy was fond of mathematics and physics. The study of the school section of atomic and nuclear physics, coupled with the interest in the profession of father, power engineer, determined the future specialty of Yurii.

After graduating from the school with a gold medal, the entrant didn’t hesitate with the choice of the higher educational establishment for long: “There were no doubts about the choice of profession, and as for the Igor Sikosrky KPI, I knew that it was the best in Ukraine, and during the entering campaign I submitted the originals of my documents to the FHP admissions committee”.

In addition to successful studying, Yuri always has time to actively participate in various professional events: nationwide scientific and technical, scientific and practical conferences and educational projects on the basis of Energoatom.

The student has graduated from the bachelor's degree with honors, defended his thesis with excellent mark. Studying on the master’s program prompted Yurii to study the safety of the NPP under emergency conditions in conditions of daily maneuvering power. “The topic is very relevant due to the small experience of operating domestic nuclear installations in this mode,” - he says.

Yuri is a conscientious and responsible student, distinguished by the ability to comprehensively analyze the problem or situation and the ability to think rationally in stressful situations. “I do not remember that he refused to help someone, and he really gets the pleasure from what he is doing,” told Yuriy's groupmates.

“The nominal scholarship is just one of the first peaks I plan to achieve, but it is a pleasant and useful incentive to move further in the chosen direction. I hope this is not the last achievement in my biography, which will be written about” shared Yurii.

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