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Ночніченко Ігор Вікторович

Please meet the winner of the University Contest "Young Teacher-Researcher 2016" Igor V. Nochnichenko – Candidate of Science, the Assistant Professor of the Department of the Applied Hydroaeromechanics and Mechanotronics, the member of the Union of Mechanical Engineers of the KPI ­“Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute”.

The young man entered the Kyiv Polytechnic Institute after graduation (magna cum laude) from ­ the Transregional Higher Vocational Academy of  ­ the highway transportation and construction mechanization in Kyiv, specializing in "Maintenance and repair of lifting-transport, construction and road machines and equipment", where he received a qualification as a junior specialist in engineering mechanics.

During the studying in the magistracy under the direction of D.Sc., prof. O.V.Uzunov, together with students I.Liberatsky, O.Haletsky and Y.Shalimov, participated in the development of the current layout of the automation systems of the aircraft for the laboratory work on the course "Mehanotronics". The layout was presented at the "Robotex 2008 "forum in the capital of Estonia, Tallinn.

After graduating from the postgraduate study program in 2013, he successfully defended his Ph.D. thesis on the topic "Increasing of the thermal repeatability­ of the hydraulic shock absorber"(scientific supervisor - professor O.V.Uzunov).

I.V.Nochnichenko at a high level conducts lectures, practical and laboratory classes on the following disciplines: "Operation and diagnostics of hydropneumosystems", "Technology of manufacturing and diagnostics of the systems of hydro pneumatic drives"; is actively working on the restoration and modernization of the existing laboratory base of the department.

The results of scientific researches of I.Nochnichenko have been reflected in more than 76 various scientific subjects: hydrogen energy and hydrodynamic cavitation, accompanied by hydro and sonoluminescence, and ferromagnetic damping devices, and thermally repeatable damping devices, as well as visualization and modelling of the flow of fluid in the elements of the hydraulic drive and the valve-throttle paths and the use of electro­ hydraulic effect.

Many forces give the scientist for the education of the younger generation of students, serves as the scientific leader of the masters. The results of the research are reported at the scientific and technical conferences of the international and general university levels. Students and pupils (who are the students of I.Nochnichenko) received more than nine diplomas for participation in the Olympiads and competitions. In particular, the graduate student Volodymyr Sidletsky was awarded with a diploma of  II degree in the All-Ukrainian contest of scientific works of the students in discipline "Systems of automated design and computer simulation in mechanical engineering".

Igor Viktorovich, as a lecturer at the Department of PGM, is involved in conducting classes in the "Autumn School of Mechatronics", which opened its doors for senior students of the Academies, high schools and secondary schools. He is lecturing the electrical engineering and modelling. I.Nochnichenko is an expert in the first in Ukraine contest from "Worldskills Ukraine" with the competence of "Mechatronics", takes an active part in organizing and conducting All-Ukrainian student Olympiad "Mechatronics in mechanical engineering".

In 2016, I.Nochnichenko founded on the basis of the department of PGM the scientific group "Systems of Automation", as a result of which two winners of the Physics Olympiads from the Small Academy of Sciences have already been prepared - students of the 9-10 classes: Mikhail Dovgopoliy and Mykola Kisil. The vital credo of the mentor: the maximum effort to develop and disclose the creative potential of the youth.

Since his college years, Igor Viktorovich has been actively collaborating with OKB "Storm" and RTF, which fully support his developments, production of experimental prototypes and models. The results of the work of I.V. Nochnichenko were awarded with the rector's diploma for a significant contribution and inventive activity.

Igor Viktorovich also takes an active part in the initiative on the request of ATO volunteers - "Development and research of a pneumo-hydraulic damper of an artificial joint prosthesis", on the basis of which the research samples of dentures and damping devices were created.

There is every reason to hope that there are still a lot of achievements and victories in front of the scientist.

O.F.Lugovsky, the head of the department of PGM


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