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Sponsors help to normalize the university campus

Спорудження скульптурної композиції "Еволюція пізнання"

At the end of  November the installation of memorials on the Walk of Stars before the historic building №1 of the National Technical University of Ukraine “Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute” was completed. Now there are eighty stars on this walk and each of stars is dedicated to an outstanding employee or graduate of the Kiev Polytechnic Institute. People whose names are immortalized in granite, glorified not only his alma mater, but also Ukraine in various fields of human activity. The Walk of Stars was built at the expense of university teachers and patron Lyudmila Rusalina.

Another update alley is laid along campus building №4 parallel Yangel street from the entrance arch to the Monument of the Heaven's Hundred Heroes. 250 young trees and ornamental shrubs are planted instead of emergency trees that had to be cut down. Design and all works were provided by National Arboretum "Sofiyivka" together with university staff. These works were conducted at the expense of the sponsor People's Deputy of Ukraine Dmytro Andrievsky.

Dmytro Andrievsky also finances  the construction of the monument "The evolution of knowledge." It will appear near the entrance arch to the campus from the Yangel street and will symbolize development and achievement of scientific thought in the knowledge of the Universe laws. Its two bronze and aluminum pylons will keep perfect geometrical figure of a black ball covered with titanium nitride. The author of the composition is known sculptor, Honored Artist of Ukraine Anatoliy Valiev whose works adorn the six European capitals.


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