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Research and innovation in terms of implementing new legislation. From the report of pro-rector M.Y.Ilchenko of scientific work in 2016


The beginning of system implementation. Last year began systematic implementation of the new Law of Ukraine "On scientific and technical activity", which came into force on January 16, 2016 In order to implement the provisions of the new Law Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine has issued appropriate instructions, which of the 43 events 37 concerning the scope of our Ministry.

The new law for the first time formed a generalized approach to science in the country, headed by the Prime Minister as head of the National Council of Ukraine on the development of science and technology. An important niche in the organization of science in Ukraine devoted to scientific research in universities. In universities it is possible to obtain guarantees by law for scientific institutions and  workers - for researchers.

During 2016 the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine for the first time a competition of research projects for young scientists, Board Ministry accepted principles of state certification universities as part of the proceedings their research activities, expanding the system works by scientists in their free base-load time of remuneration for civil contracts character under Article 36 of the new law on science.

Working conditions in the early implementation of the new Law of Ukraine on science, our university staff received specific performance in 2016 in the scientific field of innovations represented in the annual information book "Science KPI named by Igor Sikorsky - 2016".


Consider the main achievements of the areas of activity.

Scientific training at the university

In 2016 the activities of graduate undergone significant changes. Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine in March 2016 adopted the "Procedure of preparing applicants to higher education a in PhD degree and doctorate in higher education (research institutions)." According to this document, our university successfully passed the procedure of licensing educational activities on the third scientific level of education and higher education in 43 specialties. Open 39 doctoral spezializations.. The term postgraduate training increased to four years, and doctoral training is reduced to two years. Since 2016 introduced a new form of postgraduate training - evening.

In 2016 as a whole all units to graduate university accepted 192 individuals enrolled in doctoral 9 people.

In 2016 postgraduate KPI maned after Igor Sikorsky graduated 113 people, including 89 - full-time training, 24 - by distance. Defended her dissertation in year 16 people graduate thesis and submitted to the academic councils 11 graduates. In addition, during 2016 defended 25 graduates graduate in 2015. 52 people were working at the university mainly as a teacher. 13 graduates employed in graduate research units of the University.

In 2016 in connection with amendments to the Law of Ukraine "On Higher Education" was too complicated procedure for obtaining academic titles of professor, associate professor and senior researcher. The new requirements were, inter alia, the following: the availability of publications in journals included in the database scientometric Scopus or Web of Science, or a monograph published in English; a certificate of English level not lower than B2, probation and / or on-site participation in international conferences.

As a result, in 2016 received academic titles only two scientific and pedagogical staff of the University, whereas previously each year was assigned to 100 academic status. On an actual nationwide failure certification applicants academic titles were informed Minister LN Hrynevych in a letter from the Association of rectors of higher technical educational institutions and of the Vice-Rector. Unfortunately, by the end of 2016, the issue remains unresolved.

Research work of students and young scientists

In 2016 the implementation of scientific research involved 3624 students pay - 113 people, almost the same level as the previous year. Using the results of research qualifications completed in 1346 bachelors, 687 masters and specialists in 1144.

In 2016 at the National competition of student research papers on natural, technical and humanities awards to 48 students (16 - diplomas and degrees, 13 - degree, 19 – degree III) were awarded.

The team of young scientists and students PTI dcua, leader and trainer which is a  Nikolai Ilyin recognized the best in the world competitions for students in "cyber security", which was attended by more than 12,000 teams. This indicates that computer security experts in the KPI is stronger than their counterparts of the most famous universities in the world.

However, we note that there mass of young scientists go abroad which is bad for Ukraine.

Formulation and implementation of scientific projects

In recent years formed the foundations of multichannel financing of research and scientific and technological development of the university. In 2016 eight such areas.

1. Tasks public order in accordance with the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine (4 projects).

2. Participation in the performance of tasks under the state target scientific and technical program of research in Antarctica for 2011-2020 (2 work).

3. Implementation of competitive projects at the expense of the state budget MON Ukraine (126 works, including basic - 42 applications - 77 scientific and technological development - 7). Among these 4 projects conducted by the Ministry first contest for young scientists.

4. As part of economic contracts commissioned 94 enterprises and organizations of different ownership forms completed 116 research projects and 368 contracts to provide scientific and technical services.

5. Initiative research work presented 258 projects.

6. Participation in the tasks Framework Program "Horizon 2020". Carried out three projects, including one titled "Ukraine" has been successfully completed and awarded by the European Commission as one of the best. With the active work of the National Contact Point and scientific departments of the submitted 27 proposals for new projects.

7. Implementation of projects for grants NATO Research Council (three projects). In one of them obtained scientific equipment worth 250 thousand. Euro and refurbished premises for the laboratory synthesis nanokeramiky to IFB worth over 140 thousand. UAH.

8. Tasks foreign customers under the relevant international contracts with foreign exchange earnings due to the centralized SRD uni-versytetu.

Integrated SRS costs in 2016 amounted to 59,160.9 thousand. USD, including the general fund state budget funds - 21,283.6 thousand. UAH, special fund all 37,877.3 thousand. UAH, including 11,036.4 thousand. UAH prokonvertovani funds foreign exchange earnings.

These results were obtained under conditions of 2016, when government funding of science Ukraine has reached historic lows, reaching 0.16% of GDP.

Scientific and technical results in 2016 and their contribution to improving the quality of educational activities are integrated can be represented as: published 177 books, 241 textbook and study guide; protected 9 doctoral and 133 master's theses; 4687 articles published, including 1,516 in magazines that are scientometric databases.

Examples of the most successful and important research projects in 2016 is the project "Foresight" - a study of the socio-economic development of Ukraine, conducted in 2016 under the guidance of our rector academician Ukraine Mikhail Zgurovsky and project "Politan-2-Shaw" to create already second university NANOSATELLITE format CubeSat "QB50" (leader - Boris Rassamakin).

A special group of scientific and technological development of the University in 2016 are projects related to national security and defense. A successful pilot project was the development and commercial production of 2016 Mini UAVs "Spectator".

Scientific publications

Putting to integrate the university environment in the global scientific communication, we are actively working with the inclusion of scientific periodicals KPI named after Igor Sikorsky to international databases and registers open access resources.

To implement the policy of the University for the presentation of research results in the public domain was intended cooperation STL publishing service "uranium" and organizing committees of international conferences with the transfer of scientific periodicals and conferences KPI named after Igor Sikorsky for open publishing platform OJS - Open Journal Systems and OCS - Open Conference Systems, as well as cooperation between NTB and university departments for the development ElAKPI - electronic archive of scientific and educational materials University. As of December 2016 all 30 editions of the University registered and started to work on the platform OJS - Open Journal Systems. From these, 25 received addresses of sites in the blast zone and opened in the "Scientific Periodicals of Ukraine" (uranium) to the public.

At the end of 2016 Platform OCS - Open Conference Systems Conference University worked 55, of which 25 are open in the "Scientific Conference Ukraine." 4 conference already place their materials in the "Scientific Periodicals of Ukraine" (uranium).

2016 IEEE International Conference on ICT and Electronics (UkrMiKo'2016 / UkrMiCo'2016) first in Ukraine received the status of the base conference of the Scientific Council of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, registered and supported by the international organization Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE). Best English conference report published in the Proceedings IEEE Xplore Digital Library, which is indexed by Scopus base.



Scientists publication activity and its role in university rankings

The results of monitoring scientometric University database Scopus and Web of Science found that one reason for reducing the visibility and influence of the University in the digital environment, as well as the negative dynamics positions KPI named after Igor Sikorsky popular in the world rankings of universities is false identification authors scientometric databases. Only 44% of scientists have a single consolidated account, registration number in a single international scientists ORCID registry using the authors only 6%, while 56% of scientists have several profiles (2 to 12). There are errors in the transliteration of names and surnames, multi-variant name scientists error in the name of the organization or its absence et al., which significantly affect the performance of citation.

In order to better present the results of scientific activity and university research should address these shortcomings and join the social-cial networking for scientists (ResearchGate, Mendeley, LinkedIn), publishing articles in English and in collaboration with foreign colleagues. It should also develop and implement a project of electronic publishing books on open publishing platform Open Monograph Press and promotion of international scientific and scientometric databases.

Innovative activity

During 2016 the rector of KPI named after Igor Sikorsky took measures to further develop innovative environment at the University, which is now called "innovation ecosystem POLYTECO SCIENCE CITY" and now ob'-connects with his university engineering schools, science park, where researchers combined interests of investors , government, enterprises, start-School "Sikorsky Challenge". In 2016 the corporation Science park "Kyiv Polytechnic" in cooperation with KPI named after Igor Sikorsky was carried out 15 contracts to conduct research and practical work, the actual amount of performance which in 2016 amounted to 2,596.17 thousand. USD.

For five years, the festival of innovative projects Sikorsky Challenge observed positive dynamics of the contest teams with innovative projects. Among the 2016 winners include 18 projects teams of scientists of the University. Among the investors were large multinational companies.

In 2016 continued sharing the experience of "innovation ecosystem" network startup and run schools on the basis of 10 regional universities.

The experience of the University of innovation developments into account when the government medium-term plan of priority actions for 2017-2020 years on creating the conditions for a technological breakthrough and development of human capital (support for cooperation between scientists and business innovation specialist training components, etc.).

In 2017 it is necessary to continue to implement measures and initiatives for the development of the project "Polyteco Science City", participation in preparing and carrying out innovative projects "Sikorsky Challenge 2017" and "Agro Challenge".

Protection of intellectual property rights

In 2016 the Department of Science and Innovation KPI named after Igor Sikorsky continued in recent years begun activities to improve the system of acquisition, preservation and protection of intellectual property rights (IPR), established at the University.

 Employees of the Department of Science and Innovation, along with the Department of Economy and Finance, with the assistance of the Legal Department developed "the organization of work of intellectual property rights in the KPI named after Igor Sikorsky."

Propositions of trade secrets University. In 2016, our university received 25 thousand. UAH from the concluded license agreements on trade secrets.

Commission for IPR in setting accounting assessment procedure IPR, setting them on accounting, revaluation, if necessary, and the removal of accounting. In 2016 the Commission on accounting was raised IPR 209, of which 200 patents for utility models and 9 patents.

During the 2016 SOC "UPTO" was submitted 222 applications for industrial property, of which 12 inventions. Over the same period received 195 patents for industrial property, of which 186 for utility models and 9 inventions.

In 2016 the University signed 9 contracts for the licensing right to use the IPR owned by the university, totaling 58.9 thousand. USD.



Staffing of research activities

In 2016 the university employed 2,817 teaching and research staff members of the research, including the age of 35 - 692. The total number of doctors - 320 to 35 - 4 persons; PhD - 1411, of which up to 35 - 338 persons. Established artists scientific research is 304 people (aged 35 - 43), doctors - 11 candidates - 81 people. In terms of combining to perform scientific work attracted 609 people. Among them, 107 doctors and 191 candidates of sciences, 27 graduate students and 14 students, part-time external - 21 people.

Scientific and Technical Council of the University together with the scientific organizing committee launched scientific research schools that have worked successfully for more than 100-year history of the KPI and analysis of information on modern scientific and pedagogical university schools that formed in the past decade.

The head of the modern scientific school should Ph.D., who is usually trained doctors and candidates of sciences. In addition, the current head of the school should have a significant citation index of scientific papers, as well as long experience of execution and implementation of popular and award-state research and innovation, including in cooperation with the scientific academic institutions and others. Minimum cycle, which gives reason to record the presence school usually must be three generations of researchers, namely the founder of the school - his followers - students follower.

Today criterion specified attributes corresponding to more than 70 research schools, details of which will be presented to the Academic Council of the University.


Information and telecommunication environment in University


In 2016 successfully continued its activities Scientific and Technical Association "KPI-Telecom." Optimized numbering unity university. In 2016 NTO "KPI-Telecom" served 1,528 telephone subscribers and 451 guard facilities. On the server hosting NOT "KPI-Telecom" sites located 560 units; Open the mail server mailboxes around 5,000 employees and university students.

Further development was multiservice wireless network Wi-Fi access centralized control. In addition to the existing 2016 was installed another 9 points Wi-Fi in educational buildings. Number of regular users of Wi-Fi access network has reached 14.5 thousand.


Development of Scientific and Technical Library

2016 was a year of preparation and early systemic transformation changes the Scientific and Technical Library. GI Denisenko. Experts library developed and launched development strategy NTB.

As of December 2016 is 2,639,642 stock STL paper copies of which learning material and manuals numbered 1,295,164 copies. Paper Library Foundation from 1977 to the present are presented via an electronic catalog, which as of December 31, 2016 included 560,908 bibliographic records. During the year the database of the electronic catalog grew to 84,148 entries.

In 2016 new additions to the library made 9265 copies / 4780 titles.

In 2016 through the site NTB organized access to 77 full text, abstract and biblio¬hrafichnyh databases from different disciplines as subscription and open access. In 2016 14 subscription databases of research materials. Among 63 Database Access 600 Elsevier journals on the platform Science Direct; 40 magazines collection Wiley Open Access; Publication HighWire Press at Stanford University and others.


Studying the history of science and technology and the development of museums

State Polytechnic Museum was organizer and co-organizer of three research conferences and four round tables. In 2016 was published once (№ 22) collection of scientific articles "Investigation of the history of technology," which in 2016 was re-registered under the new requirements.

In 2016 the museum took more than 25 thousand visitors. With the museum oznayomylosya 90 delegations from 36 countries. The museum collection was supplemented by 639 basic units and scientific support fund.

Recognition of achievements

University scientists

State Prize of Ukraine in Science and Technology awarded Ph.D. prof. PTI O.V.Homonay and Ph.D. Head. Dep. FEA S.M.Peresadi.

Decree of the President of Ukraine of 17.11.2016 p. № 509/2016 annual prize of the President of Ukraine for young scientists in 2016 awarded PhD, assistants HTF H.S.Vasylyeva, V.I.Vorobyova, S.V.Frolenkova, k .t.n. Al. IEE U.A.Veremiychuko.

The honorary title "Honored Worker of Education of Ukraine" awarded prof. E.T.Volodarskiy (FAX).

Jubilee Medal "25 years of independence Ukraine" was awarded the Senior Teff B.M.Rassamakina.

In general, various awards in 2016 were given to more than 300 scientists.

Our university is the first of Ukrainian Universities received from the Ministry of Education and Science of "Thomson Reuters" and the NAS of Ukraine award "Leader of Sciences of Ukraine in 2016" in the category "Science and Innovation".

At the end of my speech, I would like to thank all scientists, organizers of research and innovation of our university for fruitful effective work in difficult conditions today, approaching the time when science will once again be a productive force, and Ukraine - strong and intellectually and technically developed countries.


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