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Football christmas tournaments

2017.01.03 Різдвяний турнір "Кубок профспілки"

On January 3, 2017 Christmas tournament "Cup of unions" opened the football season im Kyiv. According to tradition, in recent years, after the New Year celebrations futsal playground gathers old friends. As always, all the elders gathered legendary Ukrainian futsal tournament organizer Sergei Zhuravlev.

This time the tournament was attended by seven teams. After the group stage in the fight for first place came the team of student trade union KPI named after Igor Sikorsky and a team of journalists. For the 3rd place team competed veterans of our university and the team KNUBiA.

Owner of "Cup of unions" was the team of student trade union KPI named after Igor Sikorsky. Third place was taken by our team of veterans. The best ball tournament scoring A. Kondratovych. Individual prizes were players Hnitin Alexander (KNUBiA), Dmitry Kapi (team of journalists), Evgeny Kozak (student team trade union).

Tournament organizers and participants expressed sincere appreciation to V.I. Molchanov  head of trade union of KPI named after Igor Sikorsky for the support and assistance in organizing the tournament a big fan of football

Sergey Zhuravlev, Art. off. Dep. of sports perfection


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