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Christmas gifts from "Angels"

2016.12.28 подарунки від Ліги українок Канади

On the eve of New Year and Christmas holidays the future physical therapists who are studied at the Department of Biosafety and Human Health of Biomedical Engineering Faculty Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute got wonderful gifts. Certain symbolism gives it to gifts fact that they got them from "Angels" (humanitarian project of Ukrainian League of Canada " Ukraine  Guardian Angels."

Gifts are received within signed memorandum on cooperation between BO "Guardian Angels of Ukraine" and the Faculty of Biomedical Engineering  upon an initiative of dean of the department Professor Vitaliy Maksymenko. Special emphasis in memorandum is made on training specialists in physical therapy, specializing in the reabilitation of defenders of Ukraine that were injured during anti-terrorist operations.

On behalf of President of of Ukrainian Canadian League  founder of " Ukraine Guardian Angels"  Ms. Lesya Shymko gifts were handed by military doctor Folk Ukrainian Hero, Vice-Rector of Ukrainian Military Medical Academy on clinical work, Professor Vsevolod Steblyuk (on the photo).

This is the second but not last "Angels’"donation  to the preparation of qualitatively new specialists in reabilitation.

In late 2015, during the International Congress on health of military personnels, veterans and their families in Quebec, there was reached an agreement with the leaders of Queen's University in Toronto on scientific and methodological cooperation for the establishment and development of specialty "Physical Therapy" at the Faculty of Biomedical Engineering of the National Technical University of Ukraine "Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute". In summer 2016, madam Lesya Shymko sent a  large number of manuals and textbooks together with the curriculum of training physical therapists to the Faculty Dean Professor Vitaliy Maksymenko. The faculty organized formation on the basis of their electronic library for future professionals.

Here is replenishment of teaching and technical equipment of the department. The Head of Department Biosafety and Human Health Igor Hudetskyy characterized said about received gifts: "There is most necessary for study of future physical therapists (physical rehabilitators), in particular, controls on health, fitness, technical devices for particular methods of physical therapy."

The transition to the next level of education in the specialty "Physical rehabilitation" (physical therapy) associated with the transition to the Western model of care. It is based on concepts such as quality of life, social and professional adaptation, active longevity.

Work practice of many volunteer and charitable organizations with patients from ATO area confirmed the need for such training model of specialists. Most patients were able to return to active social and professional life through effective reabilitational programs and modern prosthetics. On the other hand, providing patients from ATO areas with full medical care by multidisciplinary team of specialists point towards society on the issue of reabilitation and necessity to model change-over.

 Daily hundreds of people suffer injuries on road, work, at home that require long-term and effective rehabilitation. More patients require reabilitation after heart attacks and strokes. A significant proportion of patients in reabilitation centers is patients with congenital disorders.

Modern system of physical therapists training focused on acquiring the necessary theoretical knowledge and practical skills. It is important to unify the system of specialists training in this field with  training system in the leading countries for student and professional mobility.

In the short term is the beginning of Master's programs in physical therapy and training biomedical engineers with specialization "Rehabilitation Engineering".  Treatment and rehabilitation institutions, including the military  are already waiting for these professionals.

We appreciate the great help of charity organization "Ukraine Guardian Angels", which provides rehabilitation equipment for the educational process, provides access to the world of curricula, programs and information resource in this professional direction.

Yu.V.Antonova-Rafi, assistant professor of BBZL FBMI


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