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Introducing of Energy-saving technologies

Впроваджуються енергозберігаючі технології

The current winter has revealed many problems in the domestic economy that have accumulated over the years. First, a blatant mismanagement of utility services, particularly in the heat and what is more, The need for more widespread implementation of energy-saving technologies over the problems with the supply of Russian gas.

Development of KPI researchers are usually aimed at addressing critical issues, including energy production their introduction gives perceptible economic effect. Therefore, the results of the research conducted by the TEF scientists, carried out under the supervision of the Doctor of Technical Sciences, prof. G.M. Lyubchik, were very relevant.

Unit heater

As the director of the technical center "environmental technology and energy- saving of "NTUU"KPI" (SEC "EKOTEZ") associate professor H.B. Varlamov, SEC "EKOTEZ" with the corporation "Cortez" and Gas Institute of NAS of Ukraine reported , that was developed surface (AOM) and water-contact units (KAOM) (Heat) decentralized heating systems for residential and industrial buildings.

The ABM heat generators with thermal power from 0.315 to 2.5 MW have an efficiency of 95%, provide fuel economy of more than 10%, are characterized by low water capacity (about 120 liters per 1 MW capacity) and high energy efficiency as roofing sources of heat supply.

KAOM heat generators are produced in three sizes with a useable power of 0.5; 1.0; 2.5 MW. The use of a new approach to the organization of the furnace process, the use of tubular-type burners which developed by SEC "EKOTEZ" NTUU "KPI" and a highly effective contact nozzle in the convective part of KAOO allowed creating an aggregate with condensation of combustion products, has an increased efficiency of 106% (based on a higher heat Combustion of fuel), less metal consumption and compactness in comparison with traditional surface aggregates.

KAOM are equipped with advanced burners for the development of NTUU "KPI", they provide gas fuel economy of 90 thousand cubic meters or almost 45 thousand UAH per season. Their payback due to fuel economy is 15 months. The unit is easier to maintain, which reduces the cost of the final product, it automatically provides the desired mode of heating the rooms taking into account the existing values of the outdoor temperature.

Today more than 10 KAOM heat generators have been put into service  at the Gas Institute of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, at the Progress plant (Berdichev), JSC Heating Utility (Sumy city), gas industry department of Shebelinkagasvydobuvannya Gas Production Division.

Combustor chamber

Another area of work of SEC "EKOTEZ" is the modernization of combustion chambers of gas compressor units serving main gas pipelines on the territory of Ukraine. Over the past year, in cooperation with JSC Ukrgasproject, a new technology for burning gaseous fuels has been implemented using a new energy efficient and environmentally friendly technology based on used tubular elements and has significant advantages over other methods and has no analogues in the world.

Fuel economy in GTU due to modernization of the combustion chamber is almost 15%, the level of harmful emissions is reduced by 3 times. This allows for a year on one unit to get a saving of 1 million 100 thousand UAH. Since there are 77 such units in Ukraine, it is not difficult to calculate the annual economy of natural gas on only one type of gas compressor units.

Experimental tests of new GTU combustion chambers based on tubular modules as part of GTK-10 gas pumping units proved the high efficiency of burning gaseous fuels with high efficiency and environmental safety in a wide range of capacities and equipment loading. Developments are protected by patents of Ukraine and widely covered in scientific publications.


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