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Round table devoted to 56th anniversary of flight of the first Earth astronaut Yurii Haharin

2017.04.12 Круглий стіл, присвячений 56-й річниці польоту першого космонавта Землі Юрія Гагаріна

On April, 12 State polytechnic museum at Igor Sikorsky Kyiv polytechnic institute had a round table meeting devoted to 56th anniversary of a flight of first Earth astronaut Yurii Haharin.

The meeting started with putting flowers to the monument to the founder of practical astronautic science, former KPI graduate Serhii Koroliov. 

However, pro-rector for research work, academician of Ukrainian NAS Mykhailo Ilchenko spoke about the fact how engineering equipment that made space research feasible was created, pilot astronaut science, participation in this work of representatives of Kyiv polytechnics as well as space program that is being realized in the university at present. His report “Participation of scientists, KPI engineers in space exploration” became a real breakthrough for many visitors, primarily for school students – members of Small Academy of Science that took a part in the meeting.

Head of All-Ukrainian association of Strategic rocket forces veteran organizations of Ukraine, major general, Mykola Filatov congratulated all participants on World Aerospace Day and Aerospace Workers Day.

The presentation "From first rockets to man flight to space", in the course of which honored aerospace engineering equipment investigator, veteran of cosmodrome Kapustin Yar Oleh Pruss provided general picture of the history of aerospace technology from ancient times to 20th century and pointed out remarkable figures of this time.

All those present were listening with a great attention to the first astronaut of independent Ukraine, Hero of Ukraine, major general of aviation Leonid Kadeniuk. He spoke about the development of pilot aerospace after Yurii Haharin and his own experience of space flight and earth orbit experiments, as well as human opportunities in space flights and the purpose of space exploration for development of science and technology.

"Academic part" of the round table meeting finished with the speech of counselor of Head of State aerospace agency of Ukraine Eduard Kuznietsov who outlined perspectives of participation of Ukrainian science and technology representatives in further human space exploration. He also handed in a book "25 steps of Ukraine to Space" devoted to 25th anniversary of State Aerospace Agency of Ukraine to workers of State polytechnic museum at Igor Sikorsky Kyiv polytechnic institute.

After the presentations, the head of Central Board of veterans of Baikonur cosmodrome of Ukraine, Oleksandr Boltenko presented certificates of honor to scientists who are working on development of space technology and active promoters of space achievements of Ukraine.

The last part of the meeting was the performance of vocal ensemble of Center of culture and art of Igor Sikorsky Kyiv polytechnic institute under the guidance of Svitlana Tokar. It is quite symbolic but even the name of ensemble coincides with the Astronaut and Scientist Day - «Seventh sky".

The photo of participants of round table devoted to 56th anniversary of the first flight of Earth astronaut Yurii Haharin next to the monument to Serhii Koroliov.


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